[mythtv-users] EOL for MythArchive, MythZoneminder, MythBrowser and MythMusic Re: linking mythtv with zoneminder live view

Nate Bargmann n0nb at n0nb.us
Mon Mar 26 02:50:35 UTC 2018

* On 2018 25 Mar 21:33 -0500, Anthony Giggins wrote:
> Kodi is fine for video collections but is lacking for recorded TV episodes
> in my opinion.

I'm running some version of Kodi packaged by LibreElec on a Raspberry Pi
B tied to a TV here in the radio shack/computer room.  I use its MythTV
plugin and it does a very fine job playing the few recordings I make.  I
rarely use the Myth Frontend simply because I don't watch the recordings
in the room where that computer/TV are located.  For other uses I make
good use of MythWeb.

To be fair, I navigate both Kodi and Myth Frontend with a keyboard,
though I have played with the Android apps for each in the past and back
then found the app for Myth Frontend easier to use.

All that said, I would hope the frontend remains a part of the project
if possible.

- Nate


"The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all
possible worlds.  The pessimist fears this is true."

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