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On 19/03/18 08:28, Craig Huff wrote:
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On 19 March 2018 7:10:10 am Craig Huff <huffcslists at gmail.com<mailto:huffcslists at gmail.com>> wrote:

I have an FE running Ubuntu 14.04 and MythBuntu that was connected to a CRT TV using composite video from the built-in Nvidia 1650 display controller, but the CRT finally died. (Yay?)

I replaced the TV with a new, modern LED 4K HDR display (yeah, one extreme to another), but I'm having problems.

  *   First: The FE is now connected via a DVI to HDMI adapter to HDMI on the new TV.
     *   The BIOS splash screen and the Ubuntu 14.04 boot screens display successfully on boot up.

Try adding nomodeset to the boot options. A quick google suggested something like this:
quiet splash acpi=off nolapic nomodeset

That should allow further debugging / investigation.

I got in to the grub dialog at boot and modified the command to include the nomodeset option, but no joy.  As a reminder, I can see the BIOS splash screen and the Ubuntu boot screen (the one with the progress dots blinking underneath the text "Ubuntu 14.04"), but once X starts, the screen goes blank until the TV reports the resolution incompatibility.

While I'm waiting for more suggestions, I will probably drag the computer monitor to the FE and try to see what happens if I connect it via VGA in tandem with the TV.  If dual monitor mode works and I can see things on at least the computer monitor, maybe I can access the Nvidia settings application on the computer monitor and change the settings for the TV to something it likes?
Other option is to try a tty session, something like ctrl + alt + [F1-F7] depending on distro. I tend to start with ctrl+alt+F2. Otherwise ssh in as per other suggestions.

There is no analog audio input.  The TV is a Samsung UN65MU8000FXZA. It has one Digital Optical Audio input and 3 USB 2.0 ports.


What are the alternative audio output options from your FE? Did you mean nvidia 6150 not 1650? If so, that appears quite old and I note that there were a few threads about driver problems and DVI back-in-the-day. Keeping things super simple may be the least frustrating option assuming you don't want to upgrade the FE. If you have working analogue audio out then an analogue to optical adapter like this or equivalent would probably be my angle of attack - https://www.amazon.com/LinkS-Analog-Digital-Converter-Adapter/dp/B00N8UYGMW/

A new modern FE could probably work wonders with a display like that...... I strongly recommend FE upgrade. If you have persisted this long with a CRT you deserve it.
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