[mythtv-users] Complication(s) with display upgrade - need help

Craig Huff huffcslists at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 20:29:46 UTC 2018

I have an FE running Ubuntu 14.04 and MythBuntu that was connected to a CRT
TV using composite video from the built-in Nvidia 1650 display controller,
but the CRT finally died. (Yay?)

I replaced the TV with a new, modern LED 4K HDR display (yeah, one extreme
to another), but I'm having problems.

   - First: The FE is now connected via a DVI to HDMI adapter to HDMI on
   the new TV.
      - The BIOS splash screen and the Ubuntu 14.04 boot screens display
      successfully on boot up.
      - Then I get a blinking cursor in the top left corner of the display,
      - Eventually the TV puts up a display about the signal resolution is
      incompatible and I need to change it before the TV will display the FE's
      - If I swap the TV for an LED Computer monitor (27" Acer) with the
      input still via HDMI, I get a successful display of the MythTV main menu
      page at the end of the boot up process with a resolution of maybe 1920 x
      - I opened the Nvidia settings application and tried saving that
      configuration (I think it got written to /etc/X11/xorg.conf) and
      to display on the TV, but no joy.
      - Any advice on how to get this working would be greatly appreciated.

   - Second: Since I'm already here, hat in hand, I might as well
   anticipate the next problem.
      - If I understood the data about the DVI to HDMI adapter cable
      correctly, it won't supply audio to the TV, but there's no separate Audio
      In connection to the TV, only Audio Out.
      - Is there a way to get the audio fed into the HDMI cable like
      "normal" devices do -- maybe an audio / video Y-adapter for HDMI?
      - Less likely alternative audio input paths include:
         - A TOS link from the PC to the TV, but the one on the TV is
         labeled "Out", not "In", and even if that would work, the
question becomes
         how to associate that audio with the correct video input?
         - USB ports, but with a PC and a TV, who'd be the "master" and who
         the "client"?
         - Maybe I started with the wrong approach?  This
         looks like it would be a solution, but I'm wondering if it will work
         properly for use with MythTV video -- especially on my
current Ubuntu 14.04
         / MythTV v0.27.6?


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