[mythtv-users] Replacing a Mac Mini Backend/Frontend?

Ken Mandelberg km at mathcs.emory.edu
Mon Jun 25 16:49:01 UTC 2018

I've been running a backend/frontend on a 2009 Mac Mini (3,1) for many 
years. This has a 2.26GHZ Core Duo, 8GB
and a Nvidia GeoForce 9400M. The actual recordings are on a large 
external USB drive and it uses a HDHomerun for
the tuners. Its my main frontend to a HDTV but also serves some other 

It actually works fine, but beside the hardware getting old, its running 
Ubuntu 14.04, and at some point I will
at least have to go to 16.04 to stay in sync with Myth. I think the OS 
update will work, but Ubuntu on Mac
hardware has become trickier on later versions.

I wonder if this is the time to replace the Mini, with a minimal NUC or 
similar form factor box. I would hope
that todays low end box could hold its own against a 9 year old mini. I 
would still be using the external
USB disk (which now could use its faster USB). I only need enough 
internal storage for Ubuntu, Myth and the
mysql database.

So, how inexpensive a replacement can I get that would match my 9 year 
old mini?

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