[mythtv-users] Gallery not working

Roger Siddons dizygotheca at ntlworld.com
Sat Apr 28 13:18:31 UTC 2018

On Fri, 27 Apr 2018 17:54:53 -0700
Marco Nelissen <marco.nelissen at gmail.com> wrote:

> Is there some kind of trick to getting Gallery/Images to work?
> https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Gallery seems to indicate that all I need
> to do is set the "Photographs" storage group to the directory where
> my pictures are stored, however when I then go to "Images" and scan
> the storage group like it says, nothing happens.
> All I see is this in the mythback.log:
> Apr 27 17:34:44 mythbox mythbackend: mythbackend[1846]: I ImageScanner
> imagescanner.cpp:166 (run) Starting scan
> Apr 27 17:34:44 mythbox mythbackend: mythbackend[1846]: I ImageScanner
> imagescanner.cpp:218 (run) Finished scan
> but there is no further activity after this, and it never shows any
> pictures.
> This is on mythtv 0.28

Does backend user have read permission for the photos ? 
And execute permission on the directories ?

Are you sure the backend has actually been re-started after setting the
storage group ? If you've recently upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 the
mythtv-setup dialog could be lying.

Worth clearing the image database (Images/Menu/Settings/Clear DB) to
see if that resets something.

file/debug logging will give more info.

Enable it with:

$ mythbackend --setverbose file
$ mythbackend --setloglevel debug

That should change the logging of the backend that is already running.

Then rescan and check the logs.

Disable the extra logging with:

$ mythbackend --setverbose general
$ mythbackend --setloglevel info

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