[mythtv-users] Frequent failures in attempting to download art from thetvdb

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Wed Apr 25 08:07:28 UTC 2018

On 23/04/2018 19:00, Paul Gardiner wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm noticing more and more often now I cannot download coverart, banners 
> etc from thetvdb. If I try to manually, a list of possible banners is 
> displayed with urls, but blank space where the image should be. In the 
> logs I see "Tried to write <url>, but it appears to be an HTML redirect 
> or corrupt file (filesize 0). The urls work in a browser. There seems to 
> be a long-ago fixed bug related to this with themoviedb.
> I'm using v0.28.2
> Is anyone else seeing this problem?

Can anyone using 0.28.2 report ttvdb artwork download working for them? 
At least then I know to look somewhere outside mythtv.


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