[mythtv-users] mythlcdserver 0.28.1: Display freezes during playback

Peter Bennett cats22 at comcast.net
Thu Sep 28 17:10:14 UTC 2017

On 09/28/2017 02:15 AM, Mike Holden wrote:
> On 28 September 2017 at 15:35, Thomas Börkel <thomas at boerkel.de 
> <mailto:thomas at boerkel.de>> wrote:
>     Hi all,
>     mythlcdserver 0.27.6 worked fine for me with lcdproc 0.5.2.
>     Since upgrading to 0.28.1, the display freezes after a few seconds of
>     playback, meaning it is not updated anymore.
>     I can reproduce it with the lcdproc curses driver also. There it takes
>     one or two jumps forward in playback and then it freezes.
>     I see nothing in mythfrontend or mythlcdserver logs, only when killing
>     mythlcdserver.
>     When I kill and restart mythlcdserver, then mythfrontend
>     reconnects, but
>     still does not update during the ongoing playback.
>     When I leave playback, the display is updated again when browsing
>     the menu.
>     Any hints?
> Just a "Me Too" here, although my symptoms seem slightly different.
> For me, I only get issues in Videos, not in Recordings. We watch a lot 
> more Recordings, but it hasn't locked up once, only when playing 
> Videos, which are a mixture of mp4, avi and mkv, so probably no 
> consistency in video format/codec, but not scientifically tested.
> When it freezes, it locks up the LCD entirely. At first, restarting 
> mythlcdserver cleared it, and the frontend restarted the mythlcdserver 
> and connected to it again, but now it seems to lock up the display 
> completely, and LCDd seems unkillable. Only a power off clears it.
> My initial solution was to kill mythlcdserver once every hour, but 
> this caused a noticeable and annoying glitch in playback when the 
> frontend restarted and reconnected to the mythlcdserver, so I stopped 
> that and switched to an overnight kill. This now appears to not help 
> however, as the display freezes completely.
> This is on Fedora 26 using the latest MythTV from rpmfusion. Backend 
> is on Fedora 25 using the same myth version, but likely not relevant here.
> Only fairly recently resurrected this specific box, so been without 
> mythlcdserver for a while. Would certainly have been pre 0.28 when it 
> was previously in use, and it was flawless then.
Please see these two tickets
A number of LCD bugs were fixed in these, on April 18th and June 1st. 
Version 0.28.1 was released in February, so they would not have made it 
in. You can get the fixes by upgrading to the latest fixes or upgrading 
to version 29.

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