[mythtv-users] ir-keytable repeating keys

Brian S inanimatecrbnrod at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 24 15:57:54 UTC 2017

Hi everyone, I've got a fresh install of Ubuntu 17.04 running a FE.
Apparently LIRC is no longer needed/preferred for remote controls, so I am
using ir-keytable to control the remote, following instructions at the
following pages in the wiki:

I have all buttons working correctly, however the double-press/hold is
really finicky, so for example it'll skip down several menu items when I
mean to go just one. Anyone know how to disable this behavior or change the
time registered for a "held" key? From what I'm reading, the -D and -P
flags for ir-keytable would be the first thing to try changing, but I can't
figure out where ir-keytable is actually getting started from (mythfrontend
is set to start automatically) to change the flags. It's not in rc.local,
it's not listed in the session & startup list, and I don't see it anywhere
in init.d, although that last one is closing in on the outer bounds of my
limited knowledge.

Thank you for any ideas.
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