[mythtv-users] Alternative to zbox for a frontend

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Tue Sep 12 16:01:50 UTC 2017

Peter... for optimal quality it always pays to match the frame rate of the
display to the frame rate of the content.  Consider this scenarios:

Content 24fps, Display 30fps: How are we going to display a frame for
1/24th of a second, on a set that refreshes every 1/30 of a second.  All we
can do is display 4 frames for 1/30th of a second, then create a new frame
by displaying that 4th frame again.  Keep doing this and you create 6
frames every second that aren't in the source material, giving you 30fps.

So what does adding frames like this do to the quality... not much.  It's
imperceptible to most people... however it does make a film feel less "film
like".  25fps is just barely within the "continuity of motion" threshold
that television/film depend on; the film almost seems to flicker, and it
adds a bit of a voyeuristic feeling for the audience.  When you smooth that
out, by bumping up the frame rate it has a notable unconscious effect.

Just like having your colors properly calibrated, your lighting just right,
and your sound system tweaked... having your display running at the proper
framerate for the content enhances the experience.  Sure you can enjoy a
film with glare from a window, using tinny tv speakers, and a crappy tv
horrible colors... but your not experiencing it the way the director
intended, and you may not "feel" it the way you may have otherwise.

On Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 11:00 AM Peter Bennett <cats22 at comcast.net> wrote:

> On 09/12/2017 06:10 AM, Paul Gardiner wrote:
> > I'm amazed how well this works - tiny little, silent, cool running
> > device giving really high quality results! :-)
> >
> > There is potentially a showstopper for me. As I feared there looks to
> > be no way to swap screen mode to match the video fps, or at least
> > nothing that works via mythfrontend's usual mechanism. I'm in the UK
> > so most of my content is 1080i25, but I also have recordings in 24p. I
> > imagine I could fiddle with the X config and get it to drive my TV at
> > 1080p50, but then the 24p stuff will be glitchy. Is there a workaround
> > - like adding some extra menu options to mythfrontend and wire them
> > through to some way of changing screen mode?
> I don't think that will be possible with the Raspberry Pi. I believe the
> support for xrandr is minimal.
> I have never used separate modes for videos on any frontend, even with
> full size frontend machines. It just runs at whatever mode is being
> supported and everything looks fine to me. Perhaps you can explain why
> mode switching is important. What does that do for the picture? What
> sort of "glitchy" do you experience?
> My content is sometimes at 24 fps and sometimes at 30 fps and I think
> the TV runs at 30 or 60, but I have not checked.
> Peter
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