[mythtv-users] Mythfilldatabase keeps adding channels from a different source

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>This worked great on my 0.27 setup.  Now with 0.29 i can't get it to stop adding all the HD/SD channels to the dish lineup every time i run mythfilldatabase.  I spent a 

If you do "mythfilldatabase --only-update-guide" it will not affect
the channels.  Then you have to do the channel updates yourself.  You
can run mythfilldatabase multiple times with different options for
different sources using the "--sourceid" option, if you want channel
updates for one source but not for another.
It just occurred to me that my problem may not be that clear to some.  The problem is that the Dish lineup is getting channel ADDS from the OTHER lineup.  IE, there's no channel 3,4,5,6,etc on Dish but it's getting added from the cable lineup.  And i don't understand that.

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