[mythtv-users] Looks like I need a CATV amplifier. Suggestions?

Douglas Sargent dbsargent at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 06:55:16 UTC 2017

Check your catv line from the post in. How many connections do you have? I
had a similar prob why my cetons. I had a couple of connections to old
Comcast Telco lines. The Comcast tech checked signal loss, and eliminated
all those drops. Inside house eliminated a couple of cable extensions.He
also replaced the splitter when I told him I was using a cable card. Cable
card goes to splitter first, Comcast boxes and cable modem after.

Problems were eliminated, no pixelation, my internet flies.


On Sep 30, 2017 19:40, "Craig Huff" <huffcslists at gmail.com> wrote:

> Recently my Comcast feed has started showing in growing rates of
> pixelation and dropouts in recordings using my Ceton infiniTV 6/cablecard
> setup.
> In case this points elsewhere, my feed goes through a 2-way splitter
> supplied by Comcast and the other splitter output goes to a settop box we
> use (the wife uses) for watching live TV.  The picture quality issues do
> not appear when watching the same show at the same time live.
> Because the Ceton box tends to run hot, I have it set up with a case fan
> attached, constantly blowing air through it to limit heat buildup.  The
> tuners currently report temperatures running ~35.5-35.9 C, depending on
> which tuner temperature is examined.
> My initial guess is that I need to boost the signal level for the infiniTV
> feed, but maybe someone else has more experience with this kind of problem
> and can point to a different remedy to try first -- failing cablecard?.
> In the meantime, I would appreciate any recommendation on what to look for
> in an appropriate amplifier to purchase.  Based on past advice, it's
> probably not just as simple as picking up something like the unit listed
> here: 2-Port Bi-Directional Cable TV Hdtv Amplifier
> <https://www.google.com/shopping/product/4143810154906531018?q=cable+tv+amplifier&client=ubuntu&hs=Hxq&channel=fs&biw=1914&bih=931&prds=paur:ClkAsKraX3k-QFi7Ma9j3j499h7sg7M25ZipKyY3Ibk_rTIySGrNZR2JpiIZ7XCJIeUqLfSjn3-yq_0ZqU-aZfQy5Xshp4-0uLSHzQLFaZdkCCtP76e89u-2gBIZAFPVH72KsOCWSAki3Pqfy2mlYJaIpdVkFA&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiyhJmTq87WAhVEWSYKHWY0DU8Q8wII5wIwAA>
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> --
> Craig.
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