[mythtv-users] Looks like I need a CATV amplifier. Suggestions?

Craig Huff huffcslists at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 02:38:46 UTC 2017

Recently my Comcast feed has started showing in growing rates of pixelation
and dropouts in recordings using my Ceton infiniTV 6/cablecard setup.

In case this points elsewhere, my feed goes through a 2-way splitter
supplied by Comcast and the other splitter output goes to a settop box we
use (the wife uses) for watching live TV.  The picture quality issues do
not appear when watching the same show at the same time live.

Because the Ceton box tends to run hot, I have it set up with a case fan
attached, constantly blowing air through it to limit heat buildup.  The
tuners currently report temperatures running ~35.5-35.9 C, depending on
which tuner temperature is examined.

My initial guess is that I need to boost the signal level for the infiniTV
feed, but maybe someone else has more experience with this kind of problem
and can point to a different remedy to try first -- failing cablecard?.

In the meantime, I would appreciate any recommendation on what to look for
in an appropriate amplifier to purchase.  Based on past advice, it's
probably not just as simple as picking up something like the unit listed
here: 2-Port Bi-Directional Cable TV Hdtv Amplifier

Thanks for any suggestions.

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