[mythtv-users] using mythtv while traveling

Jim Abernathy jfabernathy at outlook.com
Thu May 25 10:09:22 UTC 2017

On 05/23/2017 11:40 PM, Another Sillyname wrote:
> I don't know your hardware setup, but lets assume your OTA is received
> by your server using a DVB-T2 card of some description.
> In mythtv-setup.
> Option 2. Capture Cards - Identify the correct card/device that you
> use to received OTA transmissions and add it to your existing cards.
> Option 4. Video Sources - Create a new video source, lets call it
> DVB-T2-OTA-TEST. Configure this for your listings source.
> Option 5. Input Connections - Attach the new Capture Card Device
> created above to the new Video Source created above.
> Option 6. Channel Editor - Do a channel scan in here using the CORRECT
> capture card configured above.  Sort out the received channels.
> That should be it.
> What I do for the 'combined' DVB-T2 (terrestrial Freeview) and DVB-S2
> (satellite) is sit down and work out what method I want to use to
> receive which channels (some are duplicated from both services), then
> I have a mythmakechannels script which I use to make ALL channels from
> ALL services hidden, then selectively turn back on and renumber the
> channels I want and the order I want them in.
> So for example......
> I turn BBC1 on the DVB-T2 feed back on and make it channel 1 (I can
> identify the correct BBC1 using the chanid SQL table value which is
> created during the scan)
> I renumber the channum for the DVB-S2 version of the BBC1 one channels
> to a ridiculous high number (99999xxxxxxxxx) and leave it hidden.
> This 'gets it out of the way' of valid channel numbers avoiding
> accidental conflict with a valid in use channum.
> I sit down and do this for ALL the channels in my combined scans, then
> create my customised mythmakechannels script (you could create
> different 'flavours' of the script for each location) .
> Here is a template of the mythmakechannels script, my version is less
> complicated but you should be able to use this one to work out your
> own specific needs.
> https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/UK_Channel_Assignments
> Good luck
Just so I don't mess this up.  I have a HVR2250 PCIe card and a 
HDHomeRun Connect.  Both are now setup for OTA but the existing Video 
source is ScheduleDirect.

Would I just need to Add a Video Source for OTA EPG guide data and then 
delete one of the dual tuners connection and add one from the new video 

Jim A

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