[mythtv-users] UK DVB radio and pi frontend

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Tue May 16 17:59:22 UTC 2017

Maybe these problems aren't to do with the seektables - but seektables 
can be copied by eg

mythutil  --chanid 1703 --starttime 20170516165200 --getmarkup xxx.xml

followed by

mythutil  --chanid 1703 --starttime 20170516165200 --setmarkup xxx.xml

type 9 is the byte offset and type 33 the timestamp in ms.

A mytharchive export/import will do it too, but I'm not entirely happy 
about using it with different backends.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
       <mark frame="0" data="208000" type="33"/>
       <mark frame="0" data="5635" type="34"/>
       <mark frame="1367" type="41"/>
       <seek frame="0" data="376" type="9"/>
       <seek frame="0" data="0" type="33"/>
       <seek frame="8" data="49444" type="9"/>
       <seek frame="8" data="320" type="33"/>
       <seek frame="16" data="93248" type="9"/>
       <seek frame="16" data="640" type="33"/>
       <seek frame="24" data="135736" type="9"/>
       <seek frame="24" data="960" type="33"/>
       <seek frame="5616" data="224640" type="33"/>
       <seek frame="5624" data="29873200" type="9"/>
       <seek frame="5624" data="224960" type="33"/>
       <seek frame="5632" data="29916816" type="9"/>
       <seek frame="5632" data="225280" type="33"/>

John P

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