[mythtv-users] Wish My MythTv server Happy birthday!

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Wed May 10 20:03:41 UTC 2017

> I'd like to add my thanks to the devs
> and community in general.


My box's birthday has been lost 'like tears in rain'. There was a 
database before the present one. The present database dates to 2009:

Number of shows:
Number of episodes:
First recording:
     Sunday February 15th, 2009
Last recording:
     Tuesday May 9th, 2017
Total Running Time:
     8 years 2 months 22 days 7 hrs 31 mins
Total Recorded:
     1 year 5 months 15 days 14 hrs 53 mins
Percent of time spent recording:

Except for upgrades and maintenance and the odd power outage, the same 
box has been running continuously since then. One new power supply, two 
replacement fans. about 4 or 5 hard drives adding storage every time!

My first posting on the list was in August 2005 according to 
gossamer-threads, writing about good cases for our myth boxen.

              R. Geoffrey Newbury			

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