[mythtv-users] RFC Videos

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Mon May 8 02:14:28 UTC 2017

On 7/5/17 8:00 pm, mythtv-users-request at mythtv.org wrote:

> Hoi Hika,
> Saturday, May 6, 2017, 2:22:04 PM, you wrote:
>> Hoi James,
>> Saturday, May 6, 2017, 1:00:42 PM, you wrote:
>>> Greetings Everybody
>>> before I file a ticket I request comments:
>>> I recorded a Great British Railway Journeys of duration 1/2 hour.
>>> Because my Samsung TV chokes on .ts files I mv'd it to Movies/GBRJ.mp4
>>> and watched with uPnP without issue
>>> After watching I removed the file and scanned for changes
>>> A week later I recorded an episode of 1 hour.
>>> I repeated the mv and scanned.
>>> On watching at the 1/2 hour point playback stopped. I repeated the
>>> watching, skipped to minute 29 and after 1 minute (at the same point)
>>> playback stopped.
>>> I repeated the watching, skipped to minute 31 and watched to the end (at
>>> 1 hour point) (all times slightly adjusted for record extra time settings)
>>> I've not spelunked through the database or src but it seems that the
>>> namespace GBRJ.mp4 was used and remembered even when scanning again and
>>> of different duration.
>>> Anyone ?
>>> James
>>> PS the samsung suits my wife, it is not my normal frontend.
>> Have you checked out the file with VLC or so?
>> Also try rebuilding the seektables.
> After transcoding you always should rebuild those seektables. I have a
> default userjob set:
> mythcommflag --rebuild %FILE% -V %VERBOSELEVEL%
> from the time of my PVR500 that needed a rebuild on any recording.
> James,
> How did you remove the original file??
> I'm sat in a car-park with a very rusty memory, so I'm happy to be told I'm wrong, but I'm fairly certain that on the odd occasion I've moved/disconnected a disk and then added it back, myth hasn't had to refetch the metadata - meaning it doesn't automatically 'forget' a video if the file is absent during a scan, in case it's a temporary absence. So if you did a filesystem delete, then what you experienced is by design.?
> Removing it via mythvideo is probably a more complete removal of both file and associated data. If that's what you did anyways, then I'd be a bit thrown too!
> Rick
Actually Rick I think you nailed it. I removed the file and scanned I 
did NOT remove with video settings so next time I'll try it correctly.

Answering Hika I did not even bother to transcode (but of course that 
works) Samsung, bless their idiocy, proclaim the file format is 
unsupported if it is a .ts but works perfectly if it is a .mp4. <grrrr>


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