[mythtv-users] RFC Videos

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Sat May 6 15:02:24 UTC 2017

On 06/05/17 12:00, James Linder wrote:
> Greetings Everybody
> before I file a ticket I request comments:
> I recorded a Great British Railway Journeys of duration 1/2 hour.
> Because my Samsung TV chokes on .ts files I mv'd it to Movies/GBRJ.mp4
> and watched with uPnP without issue
> After watching I removed the file and scanned for changes
> A week later I recorded an episode of 1 hour.
> I repeated the mv and scanned.
> On watching at the 1/2 hour point playback stopped. I repeated the
> watching, skipped to minute 29 and after 1 minute (at the same point)
> playback stopped.
> I repeated the watching, skipped to minute 31 and watched to the end (at
> 1 hour point) (all times slightly adjusted for record extra time settings)
> I've not spelunked through the database or src but it seems that the
> namespace GBRJ.mp4 was used and remembered even when scanning again and
> of different duration.
> Anyone ?
> James
> PS the samsung suits my wife, it is not my normal frontend.

In the days when my system couldn't play 'recordings' via upnp I could 
usually play them by adding my mythlinks output folder to my 'video' 
directory.  I was using mythlink anyway, so very little needed doing.


John P

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