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Fri May 5 02:15:43 UTC 2017

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> P.S.  I agree with others' assessment that it's likely your power supply
> was just marginal from caps slowly going bad, and it can't restart due
> to ripple or inrush current.  So it's not a surge---it's that it just
> hasn't had to start up from zero.  I've had numerous power supplies and
> even motherboards with similar failure modes, all of which are recoverable
> by replacing the bad caps, but in your case I'd recomend just getting a
> new one from SiliconDust since it's a known failure point.

I recently discovered my original white HDHR box had a power supply that
was in the process of dying. It was on and communicating, but could NOT
tune any channel, even though it acted like it could see channels. Found a
power supply from another device with the same output voltage and barrel
configuration (ampacity was higher than original, so it had enough juice)
and it has been working flawless since then.

I was thinking the cable company had encrypted everything. :)

Brent Haag
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