[mythtv-users] Storage best practices in 2017

Mark fairlane at springcom.com
Wed Mar 22 16:50:45 UTC 2017

I'm getting ready to rebuild my main backend system, which has served me faithfully for the last 5 years with near no downtime, functioning as a mythtv backend, NAS server, zoneminder, asterisk and a couple other functions.  I do all this to keep powered computers to a minimum and save a bit on power costs. 
The storage as it is now consists of 4 1TB western digital drives in Raid 5 with LVM on top for mythtv storage of recordings and video/ripped dvds.  I also have 2 1TB drives in Raid 1 for critical stuff i don't want to lose and don't need the striping for performance.  
I've decided the Raid 5 / LVM setup is too complex for what it is, and storage groups didn't exist when i originally built this rig.  
I just picked up 2 4TB WDRed drives on the newegg hump day sale.  
Looking for suggestions on where to go from here, with the following assumptions:  Video recordings/dvd rips i want to have some sort of protection from a drive fail.  Recordings i don't care as much.  
What's the current thought on best practices for storage?  I had looked at ZFS for preventing bit-rot.  Not opposed to Raid still, but probably not that interested in the LVM combo anymore.
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