[mythtv-users] MythTV 0.27 and php 7: input from gentoo users requested

James Miller gajs-f0el at dea.spamcon.org
Tue Mar 7 23:44:02 UTC 2017

I have a MythTV (0.27.6_p20160318) system installed under gentoo and a 
recent system upgrade is pulling in php 7 (and depclean is wanting to 
unmerge 5.6). Are any of the gentoo users on this list using php 7 in 
combination with the 0.27 branch? If so, did you experience any hiccups? 
My mythweb, which is the part I understand to be most reliant on php, is 
at version 0.27.1, btw

Just wondering whether it might be advisable to mask php 7 and stick for 
now with the version that's working (5.6). This thread 
indicates other gentoo/MythTV users have had problems when installing the 
new php version. Input will be appreciated.

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