[mythtv-users] No sound if receiver is turned off at boot (Was: What display manager (and window manager) to choose)

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Thu Feb 23 19:45:20 UTC 2017

On 21 February 2017 at 21:07, Peter Carlsson <maillist.peter at
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>* On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 08:31:34AM +0100, Peter Carlsson wrote:
*>* > Hello!
*>* >
*>* > I would like to know what display manager and window manager people
*>* > are using.
*>* >
*>* > I used to have a line in /etc/inittab but I think that method
*>* > was deprecated in one Debian update a year or more ago.
*>* >
*>* > I then started to use SLiM and recently changed to LightDM.
*>* >
*>* > For my Debian (Jessie/stable) MythTV system I use XFCE4, but I have
*>* > a problem (with both SLiM and LightDM) that it sometimes fails to
*>* > autologin. It feels like a race condition where it attempts to
*>* > autologin before the window manager is fully started.
*>* >
*>* > So I would be happy if people could tell me what combination of
*>* > display manager and window manager you are using.
*>* >
*>* > It must support autologin but doesn't have to be fancy or anything.
*>>* I solved this problem by using nodm and I also had to modify
*>* /etc/X11/xorg.conf to always use a predefined EDID-file even if the
*>* receiver/TV is turned off at boot.
*>>* Now it seems like I have a similar problem with the audio. If the
*>* receiver/TV is turned off at boot I get no sound.
*>>* My workaround for this is to turn on the receiver/TV and then do a
*>* 'killall xfce4-session'. This restarts the XFCE4 and the sound works.
*>>* Is there a similar way for ALSA to use a predefined settings file to
*>* use if the receiver/TV is turned off att boot?
*>>* Best regards,
*>* Peter Carlsson
>Hi Peter,

>You should be able to define this in your /etc/asound.conf

> ie
>. pcm.!default {
>type hw
>card 1
> device 7
> }

> although you can also specify this in your mythtv Audio config
> ie. ALSA:plughw:CARD=NVidia,DEV=7

> https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Configuring_Frontend#Audio_System

> Cheers,

> Anthony

Losing sound and/or video with HDMI whenever you turn the TV or
receiver off (or booting with one of them off) is a Known Issue with
XFCE as the window manager. See
. It's possible this bug may have been fixed upstream in the XFCE
sources, but hasn't yet migrated down to Debian. Especially Debian

The easiest solution is to change window managers. I use LXDE and have
no issues. On the other hand, when I used XFCE (the default in
mythbuntu), any time I turned either the receiver or TV off, things
broke. Basically, change to *any* window manager from XFCE and your
problem should go away.

Good luck!
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