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Steve Goodey stevegoodey at spamcop.net
Tue Feb 14 18:39:42 UTC 2017

On Tuesday 14 Feb 2017 22:05:47 James Linder wrote:
>   Hi
> For many years I've used a myth system to record and watch tv. That
> works well and I'm happy.
> When I needed an entertainment center for saturation divers who spend
> upto 28 days closed in the chamber or 17 odd hours decompressing 
> 300 m (sic) with all the hastles of gas mixture changes etc to stay
> alive I immediately thought of mythtv.
> I'm posting this, as an invite for comments or to be straightened out
> where I'm misguided.
> For my testing I setup a mythbuntu 14.04 system with netvision.
> First I tried mythmusic. Compared to amarock or clementine this is
> terrible and scarsely usable. There is no obvious way to select a song
> (welcome to the long list). Scanning is a pain. How can myth create such
> crap? Wow, blown away.
> Next I tried netvision. On par with mythmusic. First pass at browse
> internet videos I selected TED and YouTube.
> I no longer have the selection I just have TED/YouTube
> I can browse YouTube but when I try to play something I get 'unknown 
> Using the Chrome browser on it's own everything works normally.
> Why am I having such a torrid time, yet the tools seem well accepted and
> people are happy with them?
> Thanks
> James
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Unfortunately I believe these plugins no longer get the love they need, 
although one of the devs does do some work on mythmusic I think. Most of 
the scarce resource is concentrated on the core functionality, TV and 

Regards, Steve Goodey
Colchester, England
Registered Linux User #372670 http://counter.li.org

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