[mythtv-users] Struggling to get IP TV working

Mark Perkins perkins1724 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 28 21:06:52 UTC 2017

On 28/12/17 07:53, Phill Edwards wrote:
> I'm trying to get IP TV working. I've largely been using 
> https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/IPTV_Encoders_as_a_Capture_Device as my 
> inspiration.
> I've found some streaming URLs to use as a test (a local surf cam) and 
> created my .m3u8 file:
> #EXTINF:0,300 - Surfcams
> #EXTMYTHTV:xmltvid=hls.surfcams
> c1.77.30, mp4a.40.2"
> https://edgecastcdn.net/242977/default1/manlycamerahd.m3u8
> I know the stream works because I tested 
> https://edgecastcdn.net/242977/default1/manlycamerahd.m3u8 in VLC. The 
> BANDWIDTH, RESOLUTION etc are a copy & paste from a sample NASA TV 
> m3u8 file so probably don't apply to the surfcam stream but I doubt 
> that's the problem.
> Here's what I've done:
> 1) Added a new capture card of type IPTV recorder and the M3U URL 
> is file:///home/phill/Videos/ip_surfcam.m3u8
> 2) Created a new Video Source which I called "IPTV" and has no 
> listings grabber.
> 3) Created an Input Connection where I selected MPEGTS as the Input 
> Name and used IPTV as the Video Source. When I scan for channels here 
> I get one new channel which I can see in the program guide but there 
> are, of course, no programs listed
> The problem is that when I try to watch Live TV of this new channel I 
> get the message:
> "MythTV is already using all available inputs for the channel you 
> selected. If you want to watch an in-progress recording, select one 
> from the playback menu. If you want to watch Live TV, cancel one of 
> the in-progress recordings from the delete menu".
> And if I try to record it I it won't record (presumably because it has 
> no program listings). So I set up a manual recording schedule but it 
> doesn't record anything and when I look at the recording entry in 
> Scheduled Recordings it says "Single Record -- Recorder Off-Line".
> Can anyone please tell me how I actually record or watch this new IP 
> channel?
I just put those details into my master backend and it worked fine for 
me. Plenty of surfers but not much surfing going on. Camera could really 
do with a clean too.

I pretty much just copied / pasted your details and your process. I 
don't bother naming my input connections but can't see that would be the 
issue. I assume you stopped and started your backend when making the 

What version MythTV are you using?

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