[mythtv-users] Keybinding for volume controls

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 19:12:46 UTC 2017

On 12/28/2017 02:01 PM, Peter Bennett wrote:
> On 12/28/2017 07:55 AM, Jim Abernathy wrote:
>> Having issues with volume control buttons locking up Mythtv Frontend.  I
>> have to CTL-ATL-DEL to get back to logging out.  This is on a Ubuntu
>> 16.04 LTS system with mythtv 0.28.
>> If I use the [ or ] keys the volume changes as expected. However, I'd
>> like to use the volume-, volume +, and mute buttons on this keyboard
>> since that is what I used to use for mythtv and still do for all other
>> programs and system sound functions.
>> I first noticed this when I added a NVidia GT 710 card to my Core 2 Duo
>> system to improve the video playback.  I first tried HDMI audio to the
>> builtin monitor speakers and the system locked up as soon as the volume
>> buttons were pressed.  Switching to analog audio out for external
>> speakers now only occasionally locks up, plus I can use the volume
>> controls on the external speaker amps. so I have a work around.
>> I need to figure out how to change the keybindings so I can use the
>> volume buttons on the keyboard instead of [ and ] or retrain myself and
>> wife not to use the normal keyboard volume control buttons. I'm
>> concerned about changing buttons that are system wide assigned like the
>> vol-, vol+, and mute buttons.
>> Any ideas?
>> Jim A
> You have to disable the built in mechanism in the Ubuntu GUI that 
> grabs the keystrokes before they get to MythTV.
> In Ubuntu - run dconf-editor then navigate to 
> org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.media-keys and remove the
> actions from keys.
> In Xubuntu - use Settings Manager > Keyboard Preferences > Shortcuts 
> and remove the volume up / down assignments
Correction - in Xubuntu use Settings > Session and Startup. Disable the 
XFCE Volume Daemon.

> After this you can use the keybinding settings in MythFrontend to 
> assign those keys. Pressing the key when prompted will interpret the 
> key and allow you to assign it as you wish.
> Peter

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