[mythtv-users] Can no longer tune BBC America

Jerry Rubinow jerrymr at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 04:04:31 UTC 2017

I am no longer able to record BBC America.  I'm running on Verizon FIOS in
the Philadelphia area, with an HDHR3-CC.  All other channels I use
regularly have no issues.  Using various SiliconDust apps, I see sequence
and sometimes transport errors.  I see no DRM indicated.  On the HDHR's
page on my network it says the following for tuner status when tuned to

Virtual Channel 689 BBC America HD
Frequency 321.000 MHz
Program Number 762
Authorization unspecified
CCI Protection none
Modulation Lock none
PCR Lock none
Signal Strength 99% (-0.8 dBmV)
Signal Quality none
Symbol Quality none
Streaming Rate none
Resource Lock none

I am running the latest firmware and I've tried rebooting my ONT and my

Does anyone have any ideas?

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