[mythtv-users] DVB-S2 scan fails (0.29)

UB40D ub40dd at googlemail.com
Sat Dec 23 11:02:49 UTC 2017

I'm rebuilding a standalone mythtv machine with ubuntu 16.04 LTS and mythtv

I successfully imported the database backup from the old machine that had
died a few months ago during a software upgrade and that I had never found
the time to resurrect.

I would now like to make tv reception work again. I have a Freesat HD
(DVB-S2) setup. To be sure, in mythtv-setup I have deleted all capture
cards and deleted all video sources. I have then remade the two capture
cards of my TBS 6981 dual tuner, I have made an EIT video source and I'm
now stuck at the input connections and channel scan phase.

[DVB: /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0] (DVBInput) -> EIT

scan for channels

tv, unencrypted, video source eit, input /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0, scan
type full scan (tuned)

When I get to the "scan type" screen, I fill it up with the parameters for
dvb-s2 from the very useful page at http://parker1.co.uk/mythtv_freesat.php
, which has been my reference for years:

Freq: 10847000
Polarity: Vertical
Symbol rate: 23000000
Mod Sys: DVB-S2
FEC: 2/3
Modulation: 8PSK
Inversion: leave at auto
Rolloff: leave at 0.35

Now the first glitch: a number of times, when I exit this screen, the
settings I just entered are lost, and I can't figure out why.

If I exit by "left arrow", then go back in with "right arrow", the settings
I entered are still there.

If I exit by "ESC / Save then exit", then go back in with "scan / full
scan", then the settings I entered have disappeared, despite me having
selected "Save then exit". Uh??? WTF?

I then patiently re-enter the parameters, carefully exit that screen just
with left-arrow, go down one item to "scan", press enter, nothing happens
for about 10 seconds and then I get a SCANNING screen with "failed to find
any channels".

What am I doing wrong? Could it be that my reference page is obsolete and
that these frequencies are no longer used? Well, I checked on the BBC's
website too and finally found this
which has essentially the same data as above:

Astra 2E (28.2° East)
Transponder 50
Frequency: 10.84700 GHz
Vertical polarisation
Modulation: DVB-S2, 8PSK
Symbol rate: 23.0 Mbaud
FEC 2/3
Transport Stream ID: 2050

What else is the problem? And by the way, why does "save then exit" not
save the parameters? Could there be some wrong permissions somewhere,
either in the file system or in the database? It is a rebuilt system after
all... I was already more than impressed that the old database backup was
restored at all notwithstanding having upgraded myth to a newer version.
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