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On 15 December 2017 at 05:43, Piotr Oniszczuk <piotr.oniszczuk at gmail.com>

> > Wiadomość napisana przez Matt Goebel <matt at goebelnet.com> w dniu
> 30.11.2017, o godz. 22:22:
> >
> > I just recently faced this same dilemma when it came time to replace my
> 2nd batch of aging HTPC's (two of them) that I've been using to run
> mythfrontend for ~12 years.
> > I wanted to drastically cut the expense, power usage, noise (NO fans),
> and management overhead while at the same time adding support for 4k,
> better organize my content collection, being more wife/family friendly,
> adding (good) support of online content/streaming, and better remote access
> to my content.  What I ended up with is the following:
> >
> > Software:
> >
> > - MythBackend for Live TV and recordings.  I have older HD-PVR's because
> HDhomerun Primes won't work with my provider other than the basic broadcast
> channels and being able to watch/record any cable/premium channel is
> important to my wife.  I also have IPTV sources more my wife to
> watch/record her HD European TV channels here in the US.  In terms of the
> ability to watch/record anything from any source I've found nothing better
> than Myth so no reason to change that part.
> > - Plex media server. All my recordings (TV shows an Movies anyways) in
> myth are automatically fed into this once complete.  I use myth2kodi to do
> that, which adds support for automatically looking up missing metadata myth
> might not know (like episode number).  Same goes for all my other content
> from other sources, automatically added or manual.  It gets put into an
> appropriate location and Plex takes care of the rest. Plex does a fantastic
> job of grabbing meta data and making everything available anywhere, and
> organizing it into distinct libraries, far better than what Myth can do.
> > - Kodi for the frontend. I use the Plexkodiconnect addon to access all
> my Plex content, and to organize everything in kodi into separate libraries
> (since on it's only it only has one) so that I have all our TV Shows,
> Movies, Kids movies/TV, woodworking shows/videos, exercise videos in
> separate main menu libraries.  Live TV and access to any recordings
> myth2kodi can't identify (sports/news/specials/etc only generally) are all
> accessible from Myth via the mythtv PVR addon.  I can also watch ALL the
> major streaming services in 4k (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Youtube Red,
> and a dozen+ others) directly from Kodi (more on that below).  It takes the
> right skin and quite a bit of time and effort tweaking settings and playing
> around with kodi to get the ideal setup, but once you do it blows
> everything else right out of the water.  My old Mythfrontend looks like a
> joke compared to what I have now.
> >
> > Hardware:
> >
> > - Nvidia Shield TV's (one for each TV): These are absolutely fantastic.
> Relatively cheap (I got them for $170 each this month on sale), 4k support,
> tiny, fanless and low powr, support for everything (which is where I get a
> lot of the streaming service support in kodi).  I can plug in a keyboard to
> them, or expand the storage (which I've not needed to do), etc.  They add
> google home support too, so I have full voice controll over my TV's from
> anywhere even without the remote.  Kodi isn't supported yet for voice
> control via google (Alexa works though), but will be in 18.
> > - Remotes I use the remote that came with the shield as well as some
> Harmony 650's I had (with Flirc USB IR receivers).  I really like the
> remote that came with the shield, but it's way to limiting with the lack of
> buttons for certain things in kodi.  The Harmony takes care of that and
> works perfectly.  I'm using HDMI CEC so that when I turn either the TV or
> Shield on/off both are in sync and there is nothing the confuse the
> wife/guests when something goes wrong.
> >
> > I'm completely in love with my new setup, as is the wife.  Even my just
> turned 3 year old has figured it out and said it's better (now she can
> watch youtube kids and PBS kids on the TV too).  For anyone still using
> mythfrontend you really are missing out.  There are essentially NO
> downsides to kodi, or a good android based setup, if you put the effort
> into it. It's that much better x10.
> >
> >
> Inspired by Matt setup I give a run for PLEX.
> My use case is following:
> -in house 4xFE
> -out of house: rMBP,iPAD, iPhone used to play recordings at
> vacations/on-road commuting/etc; Win10 in work.
> For in house: I prefer myth FE. Reasons: mainly subjective (UI) but also
> maintenance (single MiniMyth2 image for all FEs).
> For out of house I ended with setup:
> -iPhone & iPAD: PLEX
> -PC with Windows/Llinux/macOS: mythweb with HTML5 streaming (with applied
> https://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/12943)
> For me unique functionality (even to PLEX) of mythweb with HTML5 streaming
> is in-advance download of already transcoded part - perfect for adverts
> skipping.
> My BE can transcode  3..35.x real-time so usually:
> -I ask for watching
> -start watching
> -when first advert begins – I have already in-advance downloaded content
> enough to skip advert via player slider.
> This allows me to watch in web browser with adverts skipping – just like
> in in-house FE.
> I wasn’t able to achieve this with PLEX as PLEX transcodes in-advance just
> to fill small buffer at player (so when buffer is filled - transcoding is
> throttled).
> BTW: in-advance download of already transcoded part works OK only for some
> browsers:
> -Mozilla 57.01 and 54.01 are perfect. (tested on Win10 and macOS). Other
> versions had issues for me.
> -Chrome: I wasn’t able to find any working version yet
> -IE: not tested this crap
Oh WOW, thanks I never knew that anyone had added HTML5 streaming to
mythweb this is awesome will be patching today :)

Any reason why these patches haven't been accepted?


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