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If anyone has had some experience in setting up a Vbox tuner in Australia
using multirec, I would be interested in how that was done.


I'm currently on 0.28 and have a Vbox, which works OK for a single recording
per tuner and I understand I have to upgrade to 29 to use multirec.


However, the Vbox setup is a bit different to standard tuner cards and
network devices such as HDHomerun.


What is a bit puzzling is how Mythtv scheduler knows which channels are on
the same multiplex.  It would seem that information is not available from
the tuner, as would be the case for other cards.


In Australia we have about 20 channels shared across 5 multiplexes, so
multirec needs to know whether a potential recording is on the same
multiplex and hence can use the same tuner or not.  This is different to the
UK which is what I can find for discussions on multirec and VBox. 




To use Vbox multirecord available from mythtv 29, you need to rescan (using
mythtv-setup) VBox channels, this will create the appropriate data in the
dtv_multiplex table of mythconverg database. The required data is extracted
from VBox data when channel scanning is done (using a Vbox api call). The
normal Vbox playback URLs do not contain this data

Basic instructions on setting up vbox with multirecord are at
<http://community.vboxcomm.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=31> &t=31


Thanks Mike, that's exactly what I was missing.  I had noticed that the
dtv_multiplex table didn't have any information related to the Vbox in 0.28.
Didn't realise it would be created when re-scanning using 29. So, it would
seem it is best to delete my Vbox tuners and Video sources and start again
after upgrading to 29.  The instructions are very useful.



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