[mythtv-users] Vbox multirec in Australia

Mike Bibbings mike.bibbings at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 00:52:51 UTC 2017

On 04/12/17 23:25, mythtv wrote:
> Hello,
> If anyone has had some experience in setting up a Vbox tuner in 
> Australia using multirec, I would be interested in how that was done.
> I’m currently on 0.28 and have a Vbox, which works OK for a single 
> recording per tuner and I understand I have to upgrade to 29 to use 
> multirec.
> However, the Vbox setup is a bit different to standard tuner cards and 
> network devices such as HDHomerun.
> What is a bit puzzling is how Mythtv scheduler knows which channels 
> are on the same multiplex.  It would seem that information is not 
> available from the tuner, as would be the case for other cards.
> In Australia we have about 20 channels shared across 5 multiplexes, so 
> multirec needs to know whether a potential recording is on the same 
> multiplex and hence can use the same tuner or not.  This is different 
> to the UK which is what I can find for discussions on multirec and VBox.
> Thanks,
> Andrew

To use Vbox multirecord available from mythtv 29, you need to rescan 
(using mythtv-setup) VBox channels, this will create the appropriate 
data in the dtv_multiplex table of mythconverg database. The required 
data is extracted from VBox data when channel scanning is done (using a 
Vbox api call). The normal Vbox playback URLs do not contain this data

Basic instructions on setting up vbox with multirecord are at 


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