[mythtv-users] Ceton InfiniTV PCIe Driver Compilation Error

Scott Knight scott at scottknight.com
Sun Dec 3 02:19:04 UTC 2017

On 12/2/2017 8:49 PM, glen wrote:
> On Sat, 2017-12-02 at 20:42 -0500, Scott Knight wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> At my wit's end with this thing and not sure where to turn.  The driver
>> is "provided without warranty or support" and has worked very well all
>> these years (released in 2013) with only a single easily fixed tweak a
>> couple of years ago for kernel 2.6.8 or 2.6.9.  A few months ago, it
>> quit compiling on my FC25 backend and I have been occasionally searching
>> to see if anyone mentioned fixing it.  The last kernel it compiles
>> cleanly with is 4.11.4, so I have been holding tight on that.  Now with
>> FC27 released, things are a little more urgent since FC25 will be
>> getting dropped pretty soon.
>> I was able to easily fix the two implicit declaration of function errors
>> myself with a quick search, but these two (which really look like the
>> same thing twice) have me stumped.  Surely, it's very easy for someone
>> familiar enough with C and device drivers but sadly, I am neither.  Here
>> is the error:
>> /root/ceton/ceton_infinitv_linux_driver_2013_0326_2226/ctn91xx_net.c: In
>> function ‘ctn91xx_net_rx_skb’:
>> /root/ceton/ceton_infinitv_linux_driver_2013_0326_2226/ctn91xx_net.c:315:11:
>> error: ‘struct net_device’ has no member named ‘last_rx’
>>        netdev->last_rx = jiffies;
>>              ^~
>> /root/ceton/ceton_infinitv_linux_driver_2013_0326_2226/ctn91xx_net.c: In
>> function ‘ctn91xx_net_isr_ex’:
>> /root/ceton/ceton_infinitv_linux_driver_2013_0326_2226/ctn91xx_net.c:365:23:
>> error: ‘struct net_device’ has no member named ‘last_rx’
>>                    netdev->last_rx = jiffies;
>>                          ^~
>> Anyone interested in helping me tackle this?  I cannot imagine the list
>> handling an attachment, so would either need to paste relevant parts of
>> code here or work off to the side in private email?
>> Thank you, Scott
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> i am not sure this is going to help you, but arch linux in the user 
> repository has this package which is good with kernel 4.13. if you 
> look in the package build file you will see the reference to several 
> patches that allow it to build. so maybe you could implement those. 
> the package is current to november this year.
> https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/ceton_infinitv/
Amazing.  Ask a simple question :-)  That is exactly what I needed to 
get it running smoothly on 4.13.16, so now it's time to double upgrade 
to FC27.

Now, I need to figure out why I didn't find this on my own with so many 
searches.  Indeed, hits for Arch came up, but for other drivers and the 
code is _just_ different enough that I couldn't figure it out on my 
own.  Now that I see what the fix is, it's basically the same 
everywhere.  I knew it had to be simple.

Thank you, Scott
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