[mythtv-users] Streaming radio search seems to be empty?

Paul Harrison mythtv at sky.com
Sat Oct 29 17:07:40 UTC 2016

On 27/10/16 17:52, marshalj at spots.ab.ca wrote:
> I'm pretty new to the whole radio streaming thing on Myth, but figured
> since 0.28 has a ton of "stations" already defined, I'd give it another
> shot.
> Year ago, I managed to get one stream defined, and it still works fine.
>  If I try to add a stream and perform a search, though, I can't seem to
> change anything in any of the Broadcaster, Genre, Country or Language
> boxes, and there are no streams listed beneath these possible
> "refinement" boxes.  I'm guessing here, but it seems like there are no
> streams in the system to populate those boxes with possible values.
>  It's that or I have no idea how to drive this interface.  Either is
> distinctly possible -- I never presume to think it's not driver error!!
> PS.  I did a mythutil --updateradiostreams on the backend -- not sure if
> that's the right place to do it.  Actually, it seems to do it there even
> if i do it on a frontend.  Anyway, the last line in the output is
> "MusicMetadata: radio streams list is already up to date" which makes it
> appear as if the backend at least has the whole list stashed somewhere.
> So how the heck do I get at it?  Thanks in advance, and by all means
> tell me to RTFML archives if the answer is in there.  I looked for a
> while, but kept getting pages mentioning other stuff to do with streaming.
> ---
> Jason M

So if you press MENU on the Radio screen and select 'Add Stream' you 
should see the 'Add/Edit Music Stream' screen. Move to 'Search for 
Stream' button and select it.

You should now see the 'Search for Music Stream' screen which may take a 
few seconds to load. When first shown it should show all the available 
streams, currently 31857 streams, you can then filter the list by 
Broadcaster, Genre, Language etc.

If that all looks OK but you don't see any streams then I would suspect 
a problem with the database. The list of available streams is stored in 
the music_streams table so if you know mysql you could check with 
something like

SELECT * FROM music_streams LIMIT 50;

to show the first 50 streams.

Let me know if you need more help with that.

Paul H.

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