[mythtv-users] Failed recordings tuner?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Oct 9 07:23:26 UTC 2016

On 10/8/2016 1:20 PM, John P Poet wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 8, 2016 at 10:04 AM Barry Martin wrote:
>     Hi Folks!
>     Is there a way to see which tuner a show was recorded on after the
>     fact?  'Upcoming Recordings' displays the tuner number but
>     'Previously Recorded' doesn't (or else I don't know how to find
>     that - yet!).
>     Problem is will have failed recordings and trying to figure out
>     which tuner is the culprit.  (Thinking more the coax from splitter
>     to tuner.)  Last night two shows on Channel 8 failed but this
>     morning the one show on Channel 8 was fine.  (And Channel 8 is
>     1,000 KW ERP.; transmitter about 20 miles from here.)
>     TIA!
> In theory, this is available in 0.28, but it requires specific theme 
> support, and I don't know which, if any, themes showed the "Recording 
> Input" element.
> If you are using the 'master' version of MythTV, then you can just hit 
> 'I'(nfo) [twice] with the recording selected, to see the recording 
> input.  In 'master' this is no longer theme dependent.

Oh, yeah. I forgot that storing it was added.


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