[mythtv-users] Verizon Fios QIP7100 2 occasionally turns itself off, 6200ch always thinks it's on

Will Dormann wdormann at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 11:55:23 UTC 2016

On 6/29/16 11:09 AM, Joseph Fry wrote:
> One thing that thread reminded me of is that module option:
> "options lirc_zilog tx_only=1 
> This is something I set on my system (also preventative).  Not sure if
> this is something that only applies if you have the zilog kernel module
> loading (I did use the blaster on these for a brief period, but it was
> too slow).

My lirc is all via lirc_serial, so I don't think any of the zilog
options would matter.

> This is a definite possibility.   The box may not like the rapid cycling?
> I quickly determined that the "OK" button on my remote would wake up an
> stb that was in standby (the standby screen actually says press OK to
> watch tv), but it just brings up the OSD if the box is on.  So I just
> added an "OK" to my channel change script.  It presses OK, waits 500ms,
> then enters the channel number.  I have never needed to check the status
> of my STB.
> It may be worthwhile to determine if there is any button press you can
> send that will wake the box if its off, but not do anything if the box
> is on.  Most of these boxes I have seen do not have a true "off" state.

Good idea!   With my box, the only button other than the power toggle
that wakes up my STB is the menu button, it seems.

My 6200ch program is already a shell script that points to the real
6200ch.bin, so I've just prepended that with a "-m" (menu) and an "-e"
(exit) invocation.   Now regardless of the power state of the stb, just
changing the channel will wake it up.


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