[mythtv-users] Cheap HDMI capture

Scot Kreienkamp skreien at wcnet.org
Tue Jun 28 18:36:35 UTC 2016

As you state it, that's correct. However what you don't mention is the
discussion of ways and/or devices to defeat copy protection, which is what
they are objecting to. They don't care if we discuss the devices or
anything else as long as the discussion doesn't mention the ability to
remove copyright protection.  There is an argument of fair use that allows
personal recording VS  illegal circumvention of copy protection that hasn't
been tested in the US legal system, and no way to know if it ever will be.
Until that time the community maintainers want to avoid any discussions
around breaking the current copyright laws with devices that can defeat
copyright protection to avoid the appearance of encouraging such behavior.
As I understand it that already happened once, hence their desire to avoid
any further appearance of impropriety. As someone who benefits from the
mythtv community I choose to respect their wishes as should we all. It is
their necks and reputations on the line, not ours.

On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 1:53 PM, Kirk Bocek <t004 at kbocek.com> wrote:

> On 6/28/2016 10:39 AM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> FWIW, we rich people in the US who normally speak up when people start
>> discussing how to break US copyright laws on a publicly-archived, US-based
>> mailing list for a US-based software project never once told you or anyone
>> else not to break US copyright laws nor did we tell you not to steal
>> content nor did we tell you how to live your lives.
> Hope I'm not hijacking the thread but this is a valid point to hash out to
> keep the MythTV list maintainers happy and not have them start deleting
> posts. *I* looked at this thread as finding a way to encode streams from
> the newest set of STBs that have only HDMI out and no longer have component
> out. Thus rendering the HDPVR obsolete. I always thought that encoding of
> fully paid for source is legal under fair use laws as long as it is for
> personal use only and you don't turn around and try to share to sell that
> stream. Am I wrong?
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