[mythtv-users] Cheap HDMI capture

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Jun 28 17:39:09 UTC 2016

On 06/27/2016 09:29 PM, Hika van den Hoven wrote:
> First to several of the participants: Please do not TOP post!
> Second I am surprised that not several US participants are lying in a
> fit about breaking their extreme rich people centered copyright laws?
> This would be OK in Europe but US???

FWIW, we rich people in the US who normally speak up when people start 
discussing how to break US copyright laws on a publicly-archived, 
US-based mailing list for a US-based software project never once told 
you or anyone else not to break US copyright laws nor did we tell you 
not to steal content nor did we tell you how to live your lives.

The only thing we've ever asked is that you respect a) the community, b) 
the developers (who could actually be named in a lawsuit if someone 
decides to accuse MythTV of being a platform for IP theft, as we all 
have real names and identities associated with the project), and c) the 
value of the MythTV software and project enough to refrain from 
discussing potentially unlawful activities on the MythTV mailing lists.  
There are plenty of other non-MythTV soapboxes on which you can stand to 
broadcast your message of freedom or fair use or whatever.

It was a request for netiquette--no different from the request, ours and 
yours (above), that participants on the list do not top post (and it's 
even on the same wiki page)...


But I'm done arguing (I wasn't even going to say a word about this 
thread until someone poked the bear, with an "us versus the mean mailing 
list tyrants" comment).  In my old age, I've learned that respect can't 
be forced on people, it must be earned.  I'm disappointed that MythTV 
hasn't earned that respect.  Perhaps MythTV will be best 
appreciated--like a fine artist--after its death when we all end up 
forced to use the garbage imposed upon us by cable-/satellite-TV 
companies with their DVRs designed to get us to pay more and more money 
each month for upgrades/extenders/... just to achieve a shadow of 
MythTV's capabilities.  Until then, I, personally, am bowing out of 
these arguments, and I'll leave it up to you and the community to decide 
whether to paint MythTV in a good light (it's true form) or to paint a 
target on its back in this over-zealous, lawsuit-happy society of today.


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