[mythtv-users] end of NTSC cable, TWC/Comcast merger--what it means for me

Bert Haskins bhaskins at chartermi.net
Tue Jun 14 18:11:53 UTC 2016

On 6/14/2016 12:08 PM, James Miller wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Jun 2016, James Miller wrote:
>> Then there is the issue of the DTA's outputs and my MythTV system's 
>> inputs. So far as inputs on my MythTV system, the current options are 
>> only what I think they call f-type connectors (a male connector onto 
>> which a corresponding female fitting at the end of a length of 
>> coaxial cable, threads), and component video. I believe these DTA's 
>> come with a wide variety of outputs, though things seem to be moving 
>> mostly in the direction of HDMI these days. In any case, were I to 
>> get this DTA, how would I get its output into my MythTV? I suppose 
>> I'd need to get a new capture card: I currently use 2 HVR-1950's 
>> (NTSC/ATSC-capable, plus component in) and 1 K-World UB435-Q. I don't 
>> think any of those would be able to handle the digital signal put out 
>> by the DTA--whether because of lacking the right physical connectors 
>> or being unable to decode the signal, or both. So, am I correct in 
>> assuming that I would need to purchase a new capture device in order 
>> to use the DTA with my MythTV system?
> I neglected to mention that I do have access to a SiliconDust 
> HDHomeRun PRIME Cable HDTV--the one that takes an m-card. Could this 
> device with a Spectrum-issued m-card installed take the place of a DTA?
I think that this is a yes, but I do have a cable box.
There is even an extra box in the mix so you might end up with three.
If you get way deep into the haggle process, try to hold out for the 
better cable box, the one with the channel/time display.
The one they try to stick you with is a real POS.... stripped down to 
the bottom of the barrel.
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