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Nav Jagpal nav.jagpal at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 05:16:29 UTC 2005

I really like the idea of multiple categories... The scan-converter
would go under the 'n00b'-style category..

Thanks for the suggestion.

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 13:10:36 +0800, Max Waterman
<davidmaxwaterman at fastmail.co.uk> wrote:
> Nav Jagpal wrote:
> >
> > What do you think about video-out cards versus the PC->TV box?
> >
> I know you didn't mean me, but I have just bought a small scan converter
> box and it works 'ok' - good enough for me, until I have money for
> something better.
> It was only 300rmb or so, so it was pretty cheap. It shows some visual
> artifacts (the left and right edges are sometimes not straight, and some
> virtical lines/edge in the picture wiggle). It doesn't work when I use
> 640x480, but Ok when I use 800x600 or higher.
> I only have a PCI nVidia TNT2 card, so the picture sometimes is a little
> choppy.
> I think it is a good solution for a budget system - v. easy to install
> and setup - and it's something that is easy to upgrade later.
> Might I suggest you do something like ArsTechnica do when they recommend
> systems. They have a 'budget', 'hot' and 'god' box. You could do
> something similar but add a 'noob' box too - one that is 'trivial' to
> set up :D
> A 'starter' might be nice too - one that is for people who know
> something of what they are doing, but want to upgrade it easily.
> Well, perhaps that is too many categories..
> Max.
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