[mythtv-users] MythTV Install Documentation

Max Waterman davidmaxwaterman at fastmail.co.uk
Mon Feb 28 05:10:36 UTC 2005

Nav Jagpal wrote:
> What do you think about video-out cards versus the PC->TV box?

I know you didn't mean me, but I have just bought a small scan converter 
box and it works 'ok' - good enough for me, until I have money for 
something better.

It was only 300rmb or so, so it was pretty cheap. It shows some visual 
artifacts (the left and right edges are sometimes not straight, and some 
virtical lines/edge in the picture wiggle). It doesn't work when I use 
640x480, but Ok when I use 800x600 or higher.

I only have a PCI nVidia TNT2 card, so the picture sometimes is a little 

I think it is a good solution for a budget system - v. easy to install 
and setup - and it's something that is easy to upgrade later.

Might I suggest you do something like ArsTechnica do when they recommend 
systems. They have a 'budget', 'hot' and 'god' box. You could do 
something similar but add a 'noob' box too - one that is 'trivial' to 
set up :D

A 'starter' might be nice too - one that is for people who know 
something of what they are doing, but want to upgrade it easily.

Well, perhaps that is too many categories..


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