[Mythtv-translators] Theme strings and deadline...

Nicolas Riendeau nicolas at riendeau.org
Mon Apr 4 11:47:07 UTC 2016

Le lundi 04 avril 2016 à 11:03 +0300, Jordan Kanev a écrit :
> Hello,
> I made some Bulgarian translations last week in ticket #12699.
> I added three new files to translation plugins, but they are not
> updated in current status. Here are files I added:
>  Added new files to plugin translations:
>  mythbrowser_bg.ts
>  mythweather_bg.ts
>  mythnetvision_bg.ts
> These files are not added to corresponding "translate.pro" files.
> Regards,
> Jordan
Hi Jordan!

As I told you in the ticket,

<<I have applied the patch you attached to this ticket but it does not
contain all the modules you mentioned, if it was supposed to then
something went wrong when you generated the diff.>>

The "something wrong" that happened is that these are entirely new
files so "git diff" did not add them to the diff file. This is
something which has not happened for quite a while...

You must do the first step of (changing "de" to "bg") 


to add these files to the diff file.

Thank you very much for your contribution and have a nice day!


PS: I will add Bulgarian to all the translate.pro's today...

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