[Mythtv-translators] ANNOUNCE: MythTV Translation Status monitoring tool

Kenni Lund kenni at kelu.dk
Thu Aug 19 16:08:57 UTC 2010

> Inspired by the XMLTV validation tester [1], I've repurposed the code
> [2] and put together a tool to monitor the status of all translations
> in MythTV trunk, by revision, language and component. The design is
> simple and mostly borrowed from the XMLTV tester, but I hope it
> conveys the important information clearly:

That's really nice, I was going to setup something like this, but you
beat me to it :)

Would it be possible to add the latest -fixes branch to the status
page? IMHO that would say much more about the status of the language,
since it doesn't really make that much sense to update a language in
trunk, until the themestrings are updated just prior to release of a
new MythTV version.

Take the Danish translation as an example: According to the trunk
status page, only 88% is translated in trunk (giving it an orange
color - a bit like a warning). That's really not because we're lacking
behind, it's just because we don't send any translations before the
themestrings are updated in SVN, which should happen somewhere around
the feature freeze. If you make the same statistics on the latest
stable version, you should get 100% (or perhaps 99% if a string or two
have been changed since the 0.23 release).

Another thing, do you generate new themestrings every time you
generate new statistics for trunk? If not, the current statistics only
shows half the truth.

I would probably generate the new themestrings on each trunk status
generation but just leave it out for each -fixes status generation, as
it doesn't/shouldn't change any more after release.

Best Regards

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