[mythtv-theming] using nodetype outside a buttonlist

Joey Morris rjmorris.list at zoho.com
Sun Aug 11 16:25:44 UTC 2013

In the video library, I'm unable to get the nodetype statetype to work
outside the buttonlist. By "not working", I mean the content
associated with the subfolder state isn't displayed when a subfolder
is selected. When I turn on widget borders and widget names, I can see
nodetype's border but not subfolder's border. This is my nodetype

  <statetype name="nodetype">
    <state name="subfolder">
      <imagetype name="icon">

This is defined inside a group widget, in case that's important.

A few notes:

- I'm running 0.26-fixes.

- I'm using the list (tree) view with browse library enabled. I see
  the same behavior when I switch to gallery view and/or browse filesystem.

- The same nodetype definition works *inside* the buttonlist.

- Other statetypes, such as trailerstate or videolevel, do work
  outside the buttonlist.

Ultimately, what I'm trying to do is display different information in
an area outside the buttonlist depending on whether the selected item
is a folder or a video. For example, I want to display the director
and cast list for a video, but I want to display the number of child
items for a subfolder. As a workaround, I've tried setting
dependencies on widgets that are guaranteed to be present for videos
and absent for subfolders (or vice versa), but I haven't had any luck
with that approach.

Does anyone have thoughts on whether I'm doing something wrong or if
this is a bug? Are there better workarounds than what I tried?

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