[mythtv-theming] Theme inheritance or 'fallback' theme

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed May 2 16:46:25 UTC 2012

I want to get an opinion on whether people see a feature
as having any value before I investigate it further.

I've mentioned in IRC several times about an idea I had about
allowing theme inheritance or the concept of a 'fallback'
theme that would be used before falling back to default or

It's a simple concept so I worked up a patch last night to
test the theory.  Basically, a theme would be allowed to
define a <fallbackTheme> tag in themeinfo.xml.  The
fallbackTheme would be added to the search path before
the default-wide and default theme directories.  This would
allow a themer to create variations on a theme by just
creating a new directory containing at a minimum a themeinfo.xml
and base.xml.

This would allow a lot of different scenarios without having to
duplicate everything in the base theme, here are a couple

- Base 16:9 theme and -narrow 4:3 version
  - the -narrow version could just redefine .xml and use the
    images from the base
- Base theme and -blue, -red, -green variations
  - the -COLOR versions could just supply some different images
    or .xml depending on what colors were changing.
- Base theme and -over40 version
  - the -over40 version could just have changes to the .xml to
    use larger font sizes.

I think this might make it easier for new themers to play with
things because they only need to override .xml and image files,
they wouldn't have to start with a full copy of a theme and
hacking away.


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