[mythtv-theming] Automatic packaging of themes

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed May 2 16:24:22 UTC 2012

I've mentioned in the past several times that I wanted to
get the theme packaging automated.  I did actually enable this
a few weeks before the MythTV 0.25 release, but had to quickly
revert when we discovered that the unzip code in libmythbase
was not new enough to unzip the zip files created using the
zip binary on our newly rebuilt webserver which runs CentOS 6.x.

As a temporary solution to the zip version issue, I have built
an older copy of zip on the web server and modified my packaging
scripts to use this version for packaging themes.

Themes packages will now be automatically recreated twice daily at
0400 and 1600 UTC.  The script currently repackages 0.24, 0.25,
and master compatible themes.  The FTP rsync happens at 0430
and 1630 UTC.  The themes.zip index file is updated at 0440
and 1640 UTC, so that is when new versions actually show up for

I tested last night and again this morning with a couple themes
and everything appears to be working fine.

Let me know if you notice any problems or hear any reports from
users.  You should see updated versions of your themes available
for download within ~13 hours of your pushed changes (or updating
your tarballs for the couple themes that still use those).

Next step is getting some form of edit site so that themers can
add themes without having to have me in the middle of things.
Or, we could just use an index file in a common repo on github that
would allow themers to add their theme to the index.  That might
be easier than trying to setup an edit site with user permissions,


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