[mythtv-theming] Theme downloader site updated for trunk/master.

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Thu Dec 23 04:00:51 UTC 2010

* On Wed Dec 22, 2010 at 01:17:05PM -0600, Harley Peters wrote:
> You can pull the TintedGlass theme via git if you want to from now on.
> git clone git://vps64.biterror.net/TintedGlass

I received an error trying to clone this.

"fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly"

> It contains both a master and 0.24 branch. There both identical right
> now.


> Also since your going by the themeinfo.xml major/minor numbers to
> indicate an update to users can the minor number be multiple digits ?
> Major/minor example: 1/18 (my theme is currently at version 1.18)

The major and minors are stored as ints, so multiple digits are fine.

> Also do you have to update these themes manually ? I don't won't to
> update the major/minor numbers to often if you do.

Right now I'm updating them manually, but do want to setup a cron
or something similar.  Right now it's a 3-step process until we get
our webserver rebuilt.  Currently, I run my script to build/update the
theme repository itself.  Then I rsync it to my home directory on
the webserver, then I ssh into the webserver and install it since
I'm not rsyncing as root.  Eventually my script can just run via
cron on the webserver itself.

You don't have to update the version number for every change you
make.  You could also have a branch that I pull from for MythTV
master, but it doesn't have to be your master.  So you can develop
in your master then just merge over changes to the other branch when
you bump the version number.  For each theme for each version of
MythTV, I store the repository and branch name to pull from, so for
instance, I could pull for MythTV 0.24 from your 0.24 branch and
for MythTV 'master' from your 'mythtv-master' branch.


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