[mythtv-firehose] mythweb annotated tag v0.27-alpha created by stuartm. v0.27-alpha

Git Repo Owner noreply at mythtv.org
Wed Jul 24 11:27:49 UTC 2013

The annotated tag, v0.27-alpha has been created on the
mythweb repository by gitolite user stuartm.
        at  c4537e91ed0bed456dd89efcfdf2e3b11d313b16 (tag)
   tagging  3ea67057eec4ed67f82de5924698976e9d65d669 (commit)
  replaces  v0.27-pre
 tagged by  Stuart Morgan
        on  Wed Jul 24 12:27:45 2013 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging release 0.27-alpha

Alec Moskvin (1):
      Use border-radius in default theme

Anthony Messina (2):
      Patch to remove "PHP Warning: Unknown: function 0 not found or invalid function name in Unknown on line 0" in Apache error logs with PHP 5.4
      Typo fix for tv/tmpl/default/detail.php

Chris Petersen (3):
      fix array index that didn't get updated in mythtv:d4dcff374e493
      Fix display of recorded shows
      Make deletes work again

David Engel (3):
      Remove and restrict the use of some recording rule types.
      Add some more scheduler related simplifications.
      Remove an unintended, spurious change from 030ba699.

Doug Haber (1):
      Fixes #8970, this adds in a transcoded flag icon for transcoded recordings.

John Poet (2):
      syndicatedepisodenumber, partnumber and parttotal are now part of the
      Fix mythweb "NoTrans" problem by moving "inclues/defines.php" before "includes/databases.php" in "includes/init.php"

Karl Dietz (6):
      Use PATH_SEPARATOR rather than ':' in mythweb.php.
      use same query in Program.php and recordinginfo.cpp
      Mimick how modules/tv/detail.php refers to itself.
      Fix braino in [988923a4]
      fix search at TheMovieDB on detail page
      restrict TheMovieDB search in program detail to movies

Lawrence Rust (1):
      modules/stream: Reduce video playback startup latency

Michael T. Dean (1):
      Remove use of deprecated default rec rule settings

Nicolas Riendeau (5):
      Make the number of videos in MythWeb's video page translatable.
      Regenerate MythWeb translations after adding some new strings.
      Handle the possibility of having no videos more grecefully.
      Regenerate MythWeb translations after adding a new string.
      Make some MythWeb TV settings warnings translatable.

OrcusMaximus (1):
      Fixes #11472, this adds the season and episode numbers into the filename

Paul Gardiner (1):
      Use Default recording rule template in MythWeb

R.D. Vaughan (1):
      Add recognition of mkv containers to MythWeb for raw streaming.

Rob Smith (11):
      Fixes #10932, this adds in apple touch icons for the templates
      Fixes #10142, this ensures we return an empty array rather then null when there are no scheduled recordings
      Fixes #10790, this fixes an error with using uninitialized arrays
      Fix #11368, this fixes the label on the filters section to actually apply to the filters as specified.
      Formatting fixes
      Setup setting support for recommendation engine
      Fix some errors with incorrectly typed values
      Clean up some more code errors
      Allow rating of shows in the detail view.
      Add in a way to view recommended shows based on previous recommendations. Add in header link.
      Update translation files

Walter Cheuk (1):
      New MythWeb Chinese HK translation

antonio.e.russo (1):
      Fixes #11310, this forces ob_buffering off for readfile.

bas-t (1):
      Fixes an issue when the subtitle has a newline.

karog (1):
      Fixes #10600, this should fix any issues with using the os x .app with mythweb.

mythtv-trac (1):
      Fixes #10241, this adds a method to refresh the current page on the channel list



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