[mythtv-firehose] mythtv annotated tag v0.27-alpha created by stuartm. v0.27-alpha

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Wed Jul 24 11:27:13 UTC 2013

The annotated tag, v0.27-alpha has been created on the
mythtv repository by gitolite user stuartm.
        at  6d2b85778b7a91e0f6119249c1fe4ab438aad8cf (tag)
   tagging  22d6d983c6b31ea0483ad0e46fd6bc7d2bbf20a6 (commit)
  replaces  v0.27-pre2
 tagged by  Stuart Morgan
        on  Wed Jul 24 12:27:09 2013 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging release 0.27-alpha

Alex Vasilyev (2):
      Updated Russian MythFrontend translation
      Updated Russian MythFrontend, MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNews and

Anton Khirnov (1):
      h264: fix ff_generate_sliding_window_mmcos() prototype.

Antonio Marcos Lopez Alonso (6):
      Updated Spanish/Spain MythFrontend, MythArchive and MythMusic translation
      Updated Spanish/Spain MythFrontend and MythBrowser translation
      Updated Spanish/Spain MythFrontend and MythBrowser translation
      Updated Spanish/Spain MythFrontend and MythGallery translation
      Updated Spsnish/Spain MythFrontend, MythMusic and MythGame translation
      Updated Spanish/Spain MythFrontend and MythMusic translation

Bill Meek (1):
      Fix Housekeeper schema update to handle hostnames with dashes (-)

Carl Eugen Hoyos (13):
      Fix detection of struct v4l2_frmsize_discrete.
      Only skip MLP header in mpeg files if the codec actually is MLP.
      matroskaenc: add codec_tag lists back.
      doc/muxers.texi: Fix mp3 picture attachment documentation. (cherry picked from commit 99eedfc40086972987aa27df8b1259c8bf15b20c)
      Do not change codec in flv streams if the user has forced a codec.
      sws: dont write out of array on bigendian
      Write the fiel atom to mov files independently of the used video coded.
      Write broken aac frames to mov files instead of skipping them.
      Skip padding in an id3 tag in aiff files.
      Fix type of shared flac table ff_flac_blocksize_table[].
      Do not read strd chunk in avi files as H264 extradata.
      configure: Autodetect VA-API
      Autodetect idcin only if audio properties allow decoding.

Chris Petersen (2):
      Fix index numbers not updated in d4dcff374e493
      Patch to fix UTC issues

Chris Pinkham (26):
      Fix mythfrontend services API /Frontend/PlayRecording call.
      Bump MDM::downloadNow() timeout up to 60 seconds.
      Fix auto-width calculation in mythtranscode.
      Fix potential HLS leakage in mythtranscode, found by Coverity
      Fix cut-and-paste error in test_audioconvert's .gitignore
      Fixes for several mythtranscode Coverity IDs
      Several mythfrontend Coverity fixes
      Allow HLS test page to filter recordings by Recording Group
      .gitignore the Makefile in external/libsamplerate
      Content Services API fixes and minor enhancements
      Add a Dvr GetTitleInfoList Services API endpoint
      Treat 'devel/*' branches as 'master' in the ThemeChooser
      Attempt to fix Qt5 buildbot compile issue for titleInfo/titleInfoList
      HTTPLiveStream::GetLiveStreamInfo fixups.
      Check user themes directory for writability before downloading theme.
      Fix some mythcommflag command line option handling.
      Attempt to fix double-install sometimes required in Theme Chooser.
      Reset some stats and a buffer when MythDownloadManager gets a redirect.
      Add a --download option to mythutil.
      One more fix to allow Theme Chooser to treat devel/* as master.
      Fix transcoding to high resolutions.
      RemoteFile leak fix and simplification
      Consistency with mythtv/.gitignore
      Channel Icon fixes
      Add a --clearseektable option to mythutil.
      Clear the duration markup as well with "mythutil --clearseektable"

Claudio Freire (1):
      AAC encoder: Fix rate control on twoloop.

Clément Bœsch (2):
      lavc/movtextdec: keep the min size instead of max to fix overread.
      lavc/ass_split: check for NULL pointer in ff_ass_split_override_codes().

DN27 (2):
      Get rid of some hidden virtual function warnings.
      Make it a little easier to differentiate between the StreamHandler and the SignalMonitor in the logs.

Dale Curtis (1):
      avformat/utils: Keep internal and external av_read_frame() packets in sync.

Daniel Kristjansson (152):
      Fix unitialized variable warning.
      Avoid unnecessary QString copy. (cppcheck)
      Fix partial virtual overrides in mythgame settings ui usage.
      Convert some C function declarations to modern C to quiet gcc warnings.
      Fix some hidden virtuals in MHEG code (cppcheck).
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/ceton
      Move SendEvent/SendMessage processing out of UI thread.
      Revert "Fixes #11197. mythzoneminder event date is in localtime not utc.."
      Fix NULL deref caught by cppcheck.
      Add some sanity checking on network data.
      Fixes #11197. Improve ZoneMinder Event class encapsulation and use local time internally for efficiency.
      Whitespace fixes.
      Whitespace fixes.
      Fix several gcc warnings having to do with signedness and narrowing.
      Fix method hiding in VideoOutputXv and VideoOutputOpenGL
      Fix unused variables in NVR properly..
      Don't run zeromq/configure on external/Makefile.
      Add mythffprobe and mythffserver to git ignore list.
      Add generated make file to git ignore list.
      Properly shutdown read ahead thread in *RingBuffer destructors.
      Fixes #11298. Revert "Comment out dead code in dvbci.cpp to quiet clang++"
      Refs #11298. Print error message on Poll error.
      Silence an empty-body warning (clang++).
      Replace odd do while(0); construct with goto's.
      Print warning when the URL is unrecognized in GetChannelIndex()
      Convert ! comments to # comments in mythconfig.mak
      Add test target to base makefile and the libs makefile.
      Add unistd.h include for usleep in unit tests.
      Add coverage to the unit test framework.
      Don't use TRUE/FALSE in cpp code.. (no longer defined in Qt5.)
      Disable HttpComms and MythHttpPool when compiling with Qt5.
      Fix compilation of loggingserver.cpp in Qt 5.
      Move and rename string formatting function.
      Disable some Qt5 incompatible stuff under Qt5.
      Use httpcomms.h only where needed, & disable the httpcomms code compilation under Qt5.
      A QFileInfo metatype is declared by default in Qt5 so don't do it ourselves under Qt5.
      Add + use a check_ecxx() so we can check for Qt stuff using the required compiler flags to check this with qt5.
      Convert QUrl encode/decode to Qt5 API under Qt5.
      Convert {to,from}Ascii to {to,from}Latin1.
      Refactor of datacontracts so the compile with Qt5.
      Rewrite ProgramInfo::GetSecondsInRecording() so it works in Qt5.
      mythevent.h is no longer in libmyth, remove from .pro
      Port libmyth.pro to work with Qt5 + Qt4.
      Allow Qt5 depreciated code to compile.
      Fix file inclusions in libmythtv.pro
      Convert various .pro files to work with Qt5.
      Conditionally compile httpcomms code only in Qt4 build.
      Conditionally compile QHttp code only in Qt4 build.
      Convert QDataTime::secsTo() to compile in both Qt4 and Qt5.
      Conditionally compile netutils.h code only in Qt4 build.
      Convert QApplication::type() to qobject_cast<QApplication*>()
      Use QDesktopWidget::screenCount() in place of QDesktopWidget::numScreens() under Qt5 (method rename).
      Refactor of UPnP Serializer so Q_DECLARE_METATYPE() comes before qRegisterMetaType<> (so we can compile under Qt5).
      Remove false dependency on QWindowsStyle
      Remove false dependency on mythuiwebbrowser.h
      Add a stub MythUIWebBrowser for Qt5.
      Move qRegisterMetaType<> to after Q_DECLARE_METATYPE() in 'Service'.
      Tweak mythuiwebbrowser header to work with Qt4 & Qt5.
      Port of QTcpServer/QTcpSocket to Qt5.
      Update plugin ./configure to detect Qt5.
      Convert QImage::numBytes() to QImage::byteCount().
      Fix a couple broken paths for targetdep.pro
      Move define to allow Qt5 deprecated methods to ./configure.
      Port mythweather to Qt5
      Remove false QApplication dependencies.
      Add widgets to QT components for mythnews on Qt5.
      Add test target to base makefile and the libs makefile.
      Add unistd.h include for usleep in unit tests.
      Add coverage to the unit test framework.
      Don't use TRUE/FALSE in cpp code.. (no longer defined in Qt5.)
      Disable HttpComms and MythHttpPool when compiling with Qt5.
      Fix compilation of loggingserver.cpp in Qt 5.
      Move and rename string formatting function.
      Disable some Qt5 incompatible stuff under Qt5.
      Use httpcomms.h only where needed, & disable the httpcomms code compilation under Qt5.
      A QFileInfo metatype is declared by default in Qt5 so don't do it ourselves under Qt5.
      Add + use a check_ecxx() so we can check for Qt stuff using the required compiler flags to check this with qt5.
      Convert QUrl encode/decode to Qt5 API under Qt5.
      Convert {to,from}Ascii to {to,from}Latin1.
      Refactor of datacontracts so the compile with Qt5.
      Rewrite ProgramInfo::GetSecondsInRecording() so it works in Qt5.
      mythevent.h is no longer in libmyth, remove from .pro
      Port libmyth.pro to work with Qt5 + Qt4.
      Allow Qt5 depreciated code to compile.
      Fix file inclusions in libmythtv.pro
      Convert various .pro files to work with Qt5.
      Conditionally compile httpcomms code only in Qt4 build.
      Conditionally compile QHttp code only in Qt4 build.
      Convert QDataTime::secsTo() to compile in both Qt4 and Qt5.
      Conditionally compile netutils.h code only in Qt4 build.
      Convert QApplication::type() to qobject_cast<QApplication*>()
      Use QDesktopWidget::screenCount() in place of QDesktopWidget::numScreens() under Qt5 (method rename).
      Refactor of UPnP Serializer so Q_DECLARE_METATYPE() comes before qRegisterMetaType<> (so we can compile under Qt5).
      Remove false dependency on QWindowsStyle
      Remove false dependency on mythuiwebbrowser.h
      Add a stub MythUIWebBrowser for Qt5.
      Move qRegisterMetaType<> to after Q_DECLARE_METATYPE() in 'Service'.
      Tweak mythuiwebbrowser header to work with Qt4 & Qt5.
      Port of QTcpServer/QTcpSocket to Qt5.
      Update plugin ./configure to detect Qt5.
      Convert QImage::numBytes() to QImage::byteCount().
      Fix a couple broken paths for targetdep.pro
      Move define to allow Qt5 deprecated methods to ./configure.
      Port mythweather to Qt5
      Remove false QApplication dependencies.
      Add widgets to QT components for mythnews on Qt5.
      Fix compilation w/Qt5 & OpenGL.
      Formatting cleanup of mythsystem.h
      Formatting cleanup of mythsystem.cpp
      Add some code review comments on the MythSystem interface.
      Add TMPMAK to .gitignore
      Remove qmake dependency on ffmpeg file that no longer exists.
      Get mythbrowser to compile in Qt5 (won't do much).
      Get mythnews compiling with Qt5.
      Fix mythzoneminder Qt5 compile.
      Export remotefile.h for plugins. Should have been exported all along.
      Rename system-XXX.{h,cpp} files to use myth coding convention.
      Add missing header include
      Have 'make test' actually compile the tests before running them
      Use QTEST_APPLESS_MAIN for MythTimer test.
      Add starter mythsystem unit test.
      Add a few flag tests to MythSystem.
      Add MythSystem unit test for kMSAnonLog
      Have make test in basedir rebuild test code if necessary.
      Have make in basedir run unit tests on all target.
      Skip a currently malfunctioning mythsystem unit test.
      Add more FIXME comments to mythsystem.h
      Add unit test for kMSAbortOnJump flag
      General improvements to mythsystem unit tests.
      Add explicit GetStatus() test
      Optionally run mythsystem tests that check logging output.
      Add new MythSystem. Rename old MythSystem to MythSystemLegacy.
      Port existing MythSystem tests to the new interface.
      Close stdin after write in MythSystemLegacy.
      Use proper rpath syntax on OSX.
      Add some copyright headers where missing.
      Add more MythSystem unit tests.
      Eliminate GetSignal() from new MythSystem.
      Eliminate dead MythSystem flag kMSBuffered.
      Add more MythSystem unit tests.
      Add annotations to three flags to eliminate if possible.
      Eliminate unused kMSInUi MythSystem mask
      Eliminate unused kMSSetPGID MythSystem mask
      Merge branch 'devel/mythsystem'
      Update ABI version for MythSystem changes.
      QDateTime::secsTo() returns qint64 in Qt5, int in Qt4. Add cast.
      Add simple script + template to create a unit test.
      Fix *MythSystem* names unrelated to MythSystem that got mistakenly renamed in an earlier commit.
      Disable MythSystem backgrounding test; it has identified an active null pointer dereference
      Fix some more *MythSystem* s-n-r errors.
      Partial revert of [b4f579a88db5fc].
      Don't lose manual zoom level on video input changes.

Daniel Thor Kristjansson (188):
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/ceton
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/ceton
      Finish removal of 'card' in Ceton config.
      Fixes #10548. Free DB connection while truncating for slow deletes.
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/ceton
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/ceton
      Refs #10489. Bypass IsTunable check for kPseudoChangeChannel.
      Refs #10489. Use regular recording group when grabbing LiveTV recorder.
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/ceton
      Remove V4L version 1 support.
      Disable -Woverloaded-virtual.
      Revert "Disable -Woverloaded-virtual."
      Fixes #10870. Fixes StreamHandler Start()/Stop() race.
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/ceton
      Fixes #10872. Use desired start and end times.
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/ceton
      Fixes #10870. Fix Start/Stop race condition in StreamHandler.
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/ceton
      Add an RTP testing readme.
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/ceton
      Refs #10872. Use desired start and end times for recording quality.
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/ceton
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/ceton
      Merge branch 'devel/ceton' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv into devel/ceton
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/ceton
      Merge branch 'devel/ceton' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv into devel/ceton
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/ceton
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/ceton
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/ceton
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/ceton
      Convert WakeOnLAN to use QUdpSocket instead of Qt3 based MSocketDevice.
      Convert LCD class from using MythSocket to using QTcpSocket.
      Converts MythSocket from Qt3 based MSocketDevice to Qt4 QTcpSocket.
      Convert m_disableReadyReadCallback and m_dataAvailable to QAtomicInt.
      MythSocket: Re-enable setReceiveBufferSize() and setAddressReusable()
      MythSocket. Fix Q_OS_WIN?? usage for windows compiliation.
      Fixes #11197. mythzoneminder event date is in localtime not utc..
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Fix channel scan insertion (wasn't being called).
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Fix MSocketDevice visibility after moving to libmythupnp.
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/mythsocket
      Fix getAlbumArt() return (bool is not a pointer type)
      Change signedness of lang_chars to suppress gcc's #68 warning.
      tv_play.cpp formatting only fixes (lots of tabs).
      Fix tv_play.cpp compilation warnings.
      Adds NULL pointer checking for DecoderBase::ringBuffer.
      Fix Ceton configuration segfault (uninitialized variable.)
      Make sure MythSocketCBs::readyRead() is only called when there is data.
      Give some QObjects names as a debugging aid.
      Check both sockets in GetMasterHostPrefix()
      Handle socket disconnects occurring while we are reconnecting.
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/mythsocket
      Fixes #11240. Always Build CetonRTSP.
      Fix NULL in non-NULL column in an MSQLQuery.
      Fix #10995. Default to local time for mythshutdown --setwakeup.
      Make mythshutdown command line output translatable and start outputting it again.
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/mythsocket
      Update binary version for devel/mythsocket -> master merge.
      Add unistd.h include for usleep().
      Refs #11256. Register QHostAddress for use as a Qt metatype.
      Fix 32-bit int assumption and implicit narrowing cast in DVB CA.
      Make implicit type conversion in DVB CA code explicit for C++11 compliance.
      Quiet some MythSocket::ReadReal() debugging code.
      Speed up RemoteFile::Read() EOF handling.
      Add a necessary virtual destructor in plCompare base class.
      Fix an overloaded-virtual warning.
      Fix a couple gcc warnings in AVFormatWriter.
      Fix hidden virtual method in BackendSelection class.
      Refs #11256. Register bool* for use as a Qt metatype.
      Rename setSpeed(const char*,int) to avoid hiding setSpeed(int)
      Resolve MPEGStreamData::Reset() ambiguities.
      Set default value for dvdnav status to avoid undefined behaviour.
      Remove -Wredundant-decl for g++
      Silence unused param warning.
      Silence unused variable warning.
      Address some unused value warnings.
      Don't query DB for a recordings total frame count, we don't use the value anyway.
      Convert some old style C to modern C to quiet compiler warnings.
      Fix method name aliasing.
      Address signedness gcc warning.
      Add required virtual destructor.
      Properly override clone methods in parent class.
      Fix method name aliasing.
      Use ULL for large unsigned constants rather than LL to avoid narrowing issues.
      Cast char to unsigned char before using as an array index.
      Add missing newline.
      Convert some old style C to modern C to quiet compiler warnings.
      Initialize some pointers before using them (caught by cppcheck).
      Use prefix ++ for iterator increment instead of postfix.
      Get rid of extra 'extern "C"'
      Refactor: The two SetNextRecording methods are identical, move to base class.
      Don't leak nextRecording or nextRingBuffer.
      Change ChannelBase::GetCardID() to return uint instead of int.
      Handle wide characters in a C++03 compatible manner.
      Remove socket debugging accidentally left in.
      Make clang/clang++ happy compiling MythTV.
      Make clang happy without breaking OSX builds..
      Clean up stray 'using namespace std;' statements (caught by clang++)
      Convert to struct init's from gcc specific to C99 versions (clang)
      Address a couple sign change issues (gcc warnings).
      Clean up stray 'using namespace std;' statements (caught by clang++)
      Convert to struct init from gcc specific to C99 version (clang)
      Initialize variable before we use it (clang++).
      Fix some bogus debugging output (caught by clang++)
      Silence clang++ tag mismatch warning.
      Suppress clang constant-logical-operand warning.
      Remove extra parentheses (clang++).
      Suppress clang++'s unused variable warnings.
      Silence clang++ tag mismatch warning.
      Use proper new/delete for int arrays
      Don't use variable before it is initialized (clang++)
      Clean up stray 'using namespace std;' statements (caught by clang++)
      Fix sentinel init (caught by icpc).
      Suppress emms() warnings, the code does call emms() when necessary.
      Ran bison 2.5 for json parser to fix illegal access in bison 2.3 generated code.
      Include fix for [9171a65b25].
      Remove extranious parentheses (clang)
      Comment out dead code in dvbci.cpp to quiet clang++
      Convert gcc struct initializers in dvbci.cpp to C++ code (clang++)
      Remove init of vars we don't use (g++ warnings).
      Rearrange mmx_t union to make gcc happy.
      Fix type-punning in RTjpegN (caught by g++)
      Check for socket errors and handle partial reads in SSDP::ProcessData
      Comment out dead code in JobQueue implementation.
      Convert FD_SETSIZE to int before comparison with file descriptor.
      Reverse order of trying gettimeofday() vs ftime()
      Update .gitignore with new config binary name.
      Add missing mark types to toString(MarkTypes) (clang++)
      Add rsUnknown handling to toString(RecStatusType,uint) (clang++)
      Add rsUnknown handling to toString(RecStatusType,RecordingType) (clang++)
      Silence switch-enum warning in GetIPTVTuningData(uint) (clang++)
      Silence switch-enum warning for GetNextProgramDB() (clang++)
      Add generated file codec_name.h to .gitignore.
      Fixup icpc compiler options following ffmpeg merge.
      Re-enable non-virtual-dtor warning in g++.
      Make sure we use a soname for the myth hdhomerun library.
      Remove old Makefile.bin from libmythhdhomerun.
      Fix libhdhomrun linking problems introduced in [a8efb1af].
      Rename 'round' variable to avoid name conflict with built-in.
      Enable c++11 compilation with icc.
      Replace depreciated auto_ptr with QScopedPointer.
      General cleanup of videolist.cpp for readability.
      Rename greedyhdeint MANGLE macro to avoid conflict with libavutil's MANGLE macro.
      Fixes #11094. Use Qt5 compatible Q_OS_MAC define where needed.
      Make mythexp.h C safe for pink.{h,c}
      Don't declare metatype for QFileInfo in Qt5; already done in Qt5.
      Avoid QAtomicInt int cast.
      Add missing QNetworkCookie include.
      Handle QT widget and dbus changes in .pro for Qt5.
      Remove MythHttpPool. Code no longer in use and using depreciated API.
      Convert UPnpDeviceDesc::Retrieve() to use MythDownloadManager.
      Revert "Remove MythHttpPool. Code no longer in use and using depreciated API."
      Remove some excessive ProcessRequestWork debugging.
      Improve DeviceReadBuffer debugging.
      Use nothrow new[] to allocate buffer in DRB.
      Reduce # number DeviceReadBuffer::Read() calls.
      Reduce ThreadedFileWriter wakeups.
      Don't use same iterator for several different containers (cppcheck).
      Restore file deletion code lost in [86d35376].
      Explain Qt copy-on-write a little bit better in the doxygen docs.
      Add DCX-3200 as a supported Firewire recorder STB.
      Convert MythTimer to use QElapsedTimer instead of QTime.
      Add unit testing for MythTimer. Refs #11255.
      Remove -fno-strict-aliasing C++ compilation flag.
      Start MythTimer's QElapsedTimer on construction.
      Fix a misuse of MythTimer.
      Don't call positionMapTimer.elapsed() until timer is running.
      Improves MythTimer contstructor.
      Revert "Resolve MPEGStreamData::Reset() ambiguities."
      Don't call _cycle_timer.elapsed() unless timer is running.
      Fix clang build.
      Fix broken formatting string (%lld for uint), use QString instead (clang).
      Fix QTcpSocket code on Qt4 (SIGNAL/SLOT macros are not type aware).
      Update ABI version for Qt5 porting changes.
      Fix clang build.
      Fix broken formatting string (%lld for uint), use QString instead (clang).
      Fix QTcpSocket code on Qt4 (SIGNAL/SLOT macros are not type aware).
      Update ABI version for Qt5 porting changes.
      Use correct path for goom stuff in libmythtv.pro
      Detect OpenGL under Qt5 on ubuntu.
      Make Qt glob expand test subdir targets.
      Add override checking to MythSystemPrivate inheritance.
      Move MythSystemPrivate out of public interface header.
      Add some needed headers
      Remove compat.h & signal.h from mythsystem.h
      Reduce the tightness of AddMSecsWorks() bounds.
      Properly link with zmq stuff in tests.

David Engel (52):
      Fix multiple database bindings issue in Scheduler::ResetDuplicates().
      Fix a possible reace condition when a recording finishes.
      Reschedule when a recording is undeleted.
      Remove support for recording rule type priorities.
      Revmove the "Set Recordind Priorities" screen.
      Update the binary version ABI.
      Rename RecTypePriority to RecTypePrecedence.
      Remove the SchedMoveHigher scheduler setting.
      Remove and restrict the use of some recording rule types.
      Remove the AutoRecPriority feature.
      Remove the LiveTVPriority setting.
      Add some more scheduler related simplifications.
      Fix issues which sometimes prevente scheduling around live TV.
      Clean up the recording dialogs in ScheduleCommon.
      Use recording rule priority as the primary scheduling priority.
      Update the ABI version for SHA1:5587501e.
      Remove theme references to the defunct Set Recording Priorities screen.
      Remove the Delete Recordings screen.
      Delete a couple more remnants of the Delete Recordings screen.
      Fix StatusBox to account for template recording rules.
      Allow the EPG to be called from ViewScheduled and ProgList.
      Allow the EPG to be called from ViewScheduled and ProgList.
      Change MythDate::toString() to return an empty string for invalid inputs.
      Change PlaybackBox group and password popup handling to be more sane.
      Updated libhdhomerun to version 20130328.
      Restore local changes to libhdhomerun after previous commit.
      Change the max episode handling to use the Deleted group.
      Rework recording rule handling in services API.
      Change the ADJUSTSTRETCH action to also support toggling.
      Delete the corresponding program entries when a manual recording rule
      Add "Previously Recorded" menu and keybinding access to various
      Mostly revert 788bc510.  It's not needed and created a new bug.
      Don't skip over recordings that are still tuning.
      Refactor timing/sleep handling in the scheduler.
      Fix issues with earlier scheduler timing refactor.
      Fix missing break (Coverity 1023885).
      Fixed bad arguments (Coverity 1023894).
      Divide inputs into sets for detecting conflicts during scheduling.
      Add mplexid to RecordingInfo for use within the scheduler.
      Remove debugging from log message in earlier scheduler commit.
      Fix potential derefernce after NULL check in AudioConfigSettings.
      Comment out unused variable in AudioConfigSettings.
      Remove unused code in MythCommFlag TemplateFinder.
      Protect against divide by zero in CommDetector2.
      Remove impossible check in DVR service.
      Fix uninitialized pointer in MainServer.
      Remove tabs from dvr.h.
      Fix dereference after NULL check in backend main_helpers.
      Removed tuning timeout support from the scheduler.
      Fix Dvr::GetFilteredRecordedList() to return entries when no count is
      Tweak the Get[Filtered]RecordedList() services API calls.
      Remove GetFilteredLiveStreamList() and add the filtering parameter to

Florian Bittner (1):
      Updated German MythFrontend, Mythrchive, MythGallery, MythMusic,

Gary Buhrmaster (50):
      Rename libs/libmythhdhomerun to external/libhdhomerun, and update references
      Build hdhomerun_config utility as mythhdhomerun_config
      Resync to SiliconDust libhdhomerun 20121107beta1
      Fixes #11125. Use methodSignature() for Qt5.
      Fixes #11243. Use QMetaMethod::create for Qt5.
      Fix for duplicate (dead) assignment in util-nvctl.cpp
      Avoid a compiler static analysis warning.
      Apply fix for static analysis (scan-build) detection of a potential security issue (not checking the return value from setuid).
      Fix static analysis detected error regarding dead assignment
      Patch for zero length malloc and check for malloc success
      Initialize chanid in mythtranscode
      Check the return value of query.exec in dbutil.cpp
      Fix use after free (realloc) in ParseText.cpp
      Patch for (potential) uninitalized variable num_lines
      Fix static analysis detected use without assignment
      Check the return code from setsockopt (in lirc.cpp)
      Fix static analysis detected error regarding undefined array index in dvdringbuf.cpp
      Eliminate (logically) dead code
      Remove redundant check
      Fix for (likely) typo in checking setsockopt return code
      Patch for dead assignment
      Patch for unchecked return code for database update
      Check the return value of rename in httplivestream.cpp
      Support higher tuning frequencies
      Patch for feasible divide by zero
      Patch to bypass code when no pixels checked
      Patch to check success of the socket creation
      Initialize m_off member variable
      Correct check for null pointer return
      Patch to address potential integer overflow
      Check the success of setsockopt
      Patch for detected dead assignment in hdhrstreamhandler.cpp
      Allocate sufficiently sized buffer for entire segment including the unencrypted section.
      Initialize _tune_mode to hdhrTuneModeNone in ctor
      Remove unused member variable m_imr in MBroadcastSocketDevice
      Check the return value from posix_fadvise
      Initialize m_bProtected in HTTPRequest ctor
      Initialize fd_set in MythSystemLegacyIOHandler ctor
      Copy m_nice and m_ioprio values from other in ctor
      Properly handle fd number 0 in signal manager
      Check the return value from setsockopt and log errors
      libva (VAAPI) has changed their API. Use the legacy API.
      Initialize m_glDeleteProgram in ResetProcs
      Free hdhomerun device after use - fixes memory leak
      Initialize member variables in MythSystemLegacyUnix ctor
      Initialize xv_need_bobdeint_repaint in ctor
      Initialize member variables in MythRenderOpenGL ctor
      Eliminate memory leak in MythRenderOpenGL
      Fix (trivial) spelling error in mythsocketmanager.cpp
      Initialize m_parent in SocketRequestHandler ctor

George Nassas (1):
      Fix Network Control Play/Resume functionality.

Greg Cockburn (1):
      Add support for IMDB based lookups

Hendrik Leppkes (2):
      mov: fix parsing of the chap atom.
      mathops/x86: work around inline asm miscompilation with GCC 4.8.1

Ian Dall (1):
      Fix deletes on Slave backends. Remove references to deleted_set and

JD67 (1):
      Fix recorded->recordedprogram JOIN in Python bindings search function.

James Almer (2):
      oggparseskeleton: Fix fisbone header parsing
      oggparseskeleton: Replace avpriv_report_missing_feature() with a normal av_log() call

Janne Grunau (1):
      vaapi: return early from ff_vaapi_render_picture() without picture

Jean-Yves Avenard (330):
      Fix AirTunes so it works with iTunes 11
      Fix cross-compilation on mac.
      FFmpeg resync to SHA1:59d765e30cdabbba174f3d764eecda39ebfc63c2
      Fix compilation error following the addition of -Werror=implicit-function-declaration
      Update Myth source base to work with new FFmpeg following 99b0c9d95347b3d4ddea14d0d7ea98c018b1e784
      Updated mythmusic to work following FFmpeg resync
      Suppress some warnings related to constant being redefined
      Fix compilation on various systems.
      Fix compilation issue on some systems.
      Select the "best" video tracks available for playback
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv into devel/resync-stable10
      Temporary fix for stuttery playback of AVI files over Storage Group.
      FFmpeg resync to SHA1:553c9c77
      Remove several warnings using clang and gcc
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv into devel/resync-stable10
      Silence compilation warning using clang
      Merge branch 'devel/resync-stable10'
      Add --qmakespecs option to configure
      Fix system using qmake-qt4 to compile
      Fix DVD playback.
      Temporary fix for #11159: Fix playback of HD-PVR recording
      Fix mac compilation
      URI is RFC3986 and is escape encoded. Must decode it before using it.
      Change members prototype.
      Fix playback of HLS encrypted streams.
      Remove now useless code.
      Revert "Temporary fix for #11159: Fix playback of HD-PVR recording"
      Fix crash in RAOP.
      FFmpeg resync to release/1.1 branch as of revision 057051b8
      Fix compilation of LIRC client with updated clang.
      Fix compilation issue
      Fix compilation issue
      Fix compilation
      Fix compilation issue.
      FFmpeg resync to FFmpeg release/1.1 at SHA1 7c8beec48ce7fa7380e8aab700c7d5f2b579a58e
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv into devel/resync-ffmpeg
      Fix crash at the end of mythtranscode
      Fix crash at the end of mythtranscode
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv into devel/resync-ffmpeg
      Add E-AC3 support in ATSC and DVB-T stream
      Add E-AC3 support in ATSC and DVB-T stream
      FFmpeg resync to FFmpeg release/1.1 at SHA1 fc7071cb53ded2e332947ce2145b587c5bdcd075
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into devel/resync-ffmpeg
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into devel/resync-ffmpeg
      Merge branch 'devel/resync-ffmpeg'
      Fix MythMusic playback after the ffmpeg resync
      Do not try to fork in the background
      Fix AC3 encoder following FFmpeg resync
      Avoid un-necessary video mode changes.
      minor code cleanup.
      Fix crash.
      Fix crash.
      Properly handle multi-part http request in AirPlay video
      MythMusic: Fix compilation on Darwin after [d6b0ae43]
      Fix planar audio for nuv container.
      Reduce log output
      Fix FFmpeg resync to release/1.1
      Apply patch from XBMC by Joakim Plate: "changed: allow 4 second skew between streams in mov before attempting to seek"
      Reduce buffer size used while scanning media.
      Revert "Reduce buffer size used while scanning media."
      Rewrite of StreamingRingBuffer::safe_read
      Ignore network error on an interface that no longer exists.
      If AV codec context doesn't match the context for which it was first opened, close/re-open it.
      FFmpeg resync to FFmpeg release/1.2 at SHA1 33d699a4e73d5281b2cfcd0fa355c0d80241dd23
      Rework RAOP audio sync
      Remove now unused files
      Re-add HLS recorder
      Fix spelling mistake
      Fix unit test on mac.
      Add AudioOutputUtil::InterleaveSamples method.
      Add AudioOutputSettings::AVSampleFormatToFormat API.
      Update AudioOutputUtil::DecodeAudio to use new API
      Update AVFD to use new AudioOutputSettings::AVSampleFormatToFormat
      Update mythmusic avfd to use new AudioOutputSettings::AVSampleFormatToFormat
      Fix memory leaks in AC3 encoder
      Fix configure warning.
      Backport FFmpeg's af589dd5e9f804629ac025ba6b40f750426a6e41 commit
      Make floating point conversion routines work even when not 16 bytes aligned.
      Adjustment to float conversion routines
      Add libmyth/audio unit tests
      Don't make some AudioOutput members fully virtual.
      Simplify rpath configuration settings.
      Revert "fix typo in [71e1b8c6]"
      Revert "change code to avoid multiple different types in initialization part of the loops"
      Revert "change type of counters to size_t to silence warnings about sign mismatch"
      Tidy up unit test.
      Add AudioConvert class
      Extend AudioConvert unit tests to check various length of data so all cases are covered
      Extend AudioOutputUtils unit tests to check various length of data so all cases are covered
      Assign author: Ed Wildgoose wrote JACK audio module
      Small refactor of AC3 encoder.
      Make sure we only run one Bonjour registration at a time.
      Make sure we delete RAOP device in the thread that started it.
      Make sure we delete AirPlay device in the thread that started it.
      Remove empty and unused main.h
      Fix display of screen presented before main menu
      Various fixes to HLS encoder and mythtranscode.
      Fix audio corruption when encoding using built-in AAC encoder.
      Expand Audio Framework to only ever decode S16, interleaved audio unless explicitly configured otherwise
      Revert 3c8f209d3a09 on audioreencodebuffer.{cpp;h}
      Following 813524643bc397c14b48e25aa5cc01ab8d99fb97; upgrade NuppelDecoder for new audio framework API
      Re-sync FFmpeg with latest fixes
      Revert "ELD: Fix Coverity ID 700794 Uninitialized scalar field"
      Fix coverity false positive.
      Revert "Revert 3e30a16 which broke stereo upmixing of mono audio and apply a better fix."
      Revert "AudioOutputBase: Fix Coverity 746810. Dereference after null check. False positive, and flagged as such with Coverity, but applying a 'fix' anyway to keep other SA tools quiet."
      Simplify code to make it more explicit and remove Coverity false positive
      Small optimisation for interleaving mono audio.
      Rewrite MythMusic avfdecoder.
      Fix coverity false positive.
      Coverity fix
      Fix coverity false positive.
      Fix coverity false-positive
      Fix coverity report
      Fix coverity report
      Fix false positive coverity report
      Remove unused FreeSurround class member
      Coverity false positive..
      Fixes playback of some streaming media.
      audio player was initialized as having audio out by default, even if no audio output had beed created. This caused to always try to decode audio even when not required (like during commflagging)
      Similar to c9d8533fe8fc19fead0ad896f37bb8f07367cc57, no need to attempt to decode audio if it's not going to be played
      Remove Coverity warnings...
      Don't return early when deleting a client
      Add MythUINotificationCenter
      Make AirTunes (RAOP) server use new MythUINotificationCenter
      Delete MythUINotificationCenter when quitting applications.
      Handle PNG coverarts
      Implement progress bar in UIMythNotificationScreen
      Use new progress bar in MythUINotificationCenter to display duration and position of song currently playing
      Delete TVRec objects in the thread they were created
      Do not use an on-demand timer to delay deletion of the stream handler.
      Only send position update during playback rather than the whole lot (bad copy/paste)
      Allow to define an image notification with a URL or file path
      Update description of osx-packager-qtsdk
      Add new myth notification constructors
      Add display of notifications stack.
      Add optional argument to MythNotification constructor: details
      Add notification for client connection/disconnection
      Add notification for client connection/disconnection
      Move creation of notification center so it will be last in screen stack.
      Add missing include for uint32_t definition
      Add methods to display ourselves should the current window not handle screen stack (e.g. TV Playback)
      Display Notification Center cards during video playback
      Display notification cards even if there's no OSD element displayed
      Fix whitespace
      Install MythUINotificationCenter public headers
      Restore content of registered application's deleted screen.
      Put notification card in suspended mode if user delete it with ESC
      Delete timers in the thread they were created.
      Add methods to CommandLineParser and CommandLineArg
      Add support to send user notification via the UDP listener interface
      Add ability to send notifications via frontend telnet interface
      Add support to send user notification using mythutil
      Allow to redefine the duration being displayed on top of the progress bar.
      Fix display duration of notification
      Fix crash when a notification is active while quitting the application
      Fix crash when changing theme while a notification is active.
      Fix typo in member name.
      Add discrete notification themes.
      Use new notification theme and add full-screen notification support
      Update RAOP notification to cater for new Notification Center behaviour.
      Add support for AirPlay photo-streaming.
      Try to mimic a tad closer to an actual AppleTV.
      Minor code clean-up. C++-ify it
      Fix typo introduced in earlier commit
      Change theme widget names to be a bit more universal
      Add MythNotification convenience constructors
      Add support for all types of notifications via the UDP listener interface.
      Add support for all type of notifications via mythutils
      Full screen notification theme tweaks
      Fix display of progress bar during RAOP playback
      Fix display of notifications during video playback.
      Don't make PROGRAM-ID attribute compulsory.
      Add AudioPlayer::GetAudioOutput() method
      Make RAOP notifications timeout if not updated after 5s
      When a client unregister from the notification center, do not immediately terminate the registered screen. Instead let the screen expire if a duration has been previously set.
      Add optional closeimmediately to MythUINotification::Unregister() method.
      Fix display of notification with no expiry time during video playback.
      Add ability to set a different "style" to a notification.
      Add ability for an alternative notification style.
      Rename class members to match actual theme object name
      Add support for templates in notifications theme.
      Add option to display AirPlay artwork and playback info in full screen mode
      Make some strings translatable so they can be passed on to user
      Display notification when opening the audio device failed
      Add MythErrorNotification class
      Use new MythErrorNotification
      Add method to retrieve last error from opening DVD device
      Add method to detect if RingBuffer construction actually failed
      Add convenience methods to display notifications
      Show error should DVD playback not be possible
      Show MediaMonitor's errors via notification centre
      Use ShowNotificationError API.
      If creating the RingBuffer encountered an error, display that error.
      Make BD player reports errors so we can exit early.
      Make DVD player reports errors so we can exit early
      Report file playback (local and remote) report errors
      Make http playback reports errors
      Make Visibility and Priority field a uint32_t so they can be used as bitmask
      Implement Visibility feature in notification. Change how position on screen is calculated: so after a full screen, position restart at 0.
      Fix crashes when playing BD disk with no valid key installed
      Redefine visibility and priority bitmask type
      Change ShowNotificationX(...) default argument value to null string
      Fix memory leak.
      Obfuscate MythUINotificationCenter implementatin in a private class
      Fix infinite loop
      Display loss of connection to backend as a notification instead of a popup.
      Continue try to reconnect with the backend, so the notification about the backend being available is shown quickly
      Merge branch 'devel/027candidates'
      Fix deadlock
      Make Notification Center part of MythMainWindow
      Fix crash when called from non-GUI application (like mythutil)
      Do not ignore non-visible widget when setting a map.
      All any text widgets to use templates, not just the one whose name are defined in the map
      Allow widget dependencies to work with progress bar.
      Leave visibility status of progress text in notification up to the theme.
      Update notifications default theme.
      change const-ness of class members as appropriate
      change const-ness of arguments as appropriate
      Fix notifications not using their allocated screen should the client unregistered before notifications queued could be processed.
      Fix crash when exiting the fronted under some circumstances
      Fix whitespaces
      Do not display "backend is online" notification, if no errors were displayed before
      Restore previous backend disconnection message now that the notification theme can handle longer description text.
      minor improvement
      Fix occasional crash when exiting mythtv-setup
      Make default duration of error 10s
      Exit early if playback didn't start due to an error.
      Display error as to why playback failed to start.
      Fix compilation warning.
      Use QMutexLocker to lock BonjourRegister
      Use notifications instead of popup in recording screens to indicates the availability of a recording
      Do not display backend is online notification again after it's already been displayed earlier
      Create AirPlay server after MainWindow got initialized.
      Add methods to query state of modifications and remove notification from screen
      Allow dismissing notification during video playback
      Don't allow dismissing the notification if it's been created for less than 1s.
      Make LiveTVChain a reference counted object
      Fix non-initialized variable.
      Properly initialize variable.
      Fix memory leak
      Use destructor method.
      Make libmythfreesurround thread-safe and allowing more than one instance of it...
      Fix priority object type
      Change argument order for ShowNotificationX
      Check if ctx is null and exit early.
      Fix few memory leaks
      Exit early if creation of ringbuffer failed....
      Fix Coverity #1028693
      Silence coverity report.
      Silence coverity
      Do not display the backend connection failure until we've started the main screen
      Only set text if a template replacement was made.
      Better fix for #11664
      Fix notification display
      Improve LiveTV playback for HLS channels.
      Fix Dereference after null check
      Code cleanup.
      Accrue time adjustments for HLS recorder.
      Make WantingPlayback work when more than one registered client exists in the same thread.
      Remove dispatchNow() and all that uses it, re-implementing using thread-safe methods.
      Add CoreContext::TVInWantingPlayback method
      Have AirTunes sends a TVPlaybackStopped( signal when it stops.
      Fixes bug #11677
      Make "backup is online" notification an error one
      Do not use a constant name for the error image. This will be set by the theme
      Allow to set a dependence on a StateType object
      Make consistent use of InfoMap type
      Create MythUIComposite class.
      Define StateType when a MythNotificationError is displayed
      Make default theme use new error state type.
      Update MythMusic use playback registration API
      Change log type for RAOP
      Add multiple UI display dependencies support.
      Make no-artwork condition themeable.
      Update default notification theme to support no artwork condition
      We want the notification screen stack to be displayed from oldest to newest, we want all windows to be animated when deleted and pressing ESC should remove the oldest notification first
      Do not re-create a notification center if one has already been created.
      Fixes bug #11684
      Do not reload the entire notification screen whenever we're about to display it.
      ResetMap should reset textarea widget using the same logic they were first set
      Add missing header
      Make consistent use of InfoMap datatype.
      Remove compilation warning
      Make consistent use of InfoMap datatype
      Remove darwin/llvm workaround forcing to build with -O3.
      Update myth mpeg-ts probing score calculation to match FFmpeg's own.
      mpegts: check substreams before discarding
      mpegts: fix handling of files smaller than 8kb
      mpegts: Fix potential memory leak in mpegts_read_packet()
      mpegts: Make sure we don't return uninitialized packets
      Re-enable FFMpeg's original mpegts demuxer
      Should MythTV's own mpegts demuxer fail to open the file, try using FFMpeg's original one
      Fix compilation warning about unused method on mac
      Add setting to always use FFmpeg's MPEG-TS demuxer when available.
      Add #define to determine if myth was compiled in debug or profiling mode
      Add GUI to force the use of FFmpeg's own MPEG-TS demuxer.
      Update README.sync following FFmpeg resync
      Make sure MainWindow has focus when we returned from a child QWidget
      Fix infinite loop introduced with f3f0252d9b6313b7977a40be321b789dc2965bb1
      Partially revert cbe41f266d7cc846285dc99164297cafdab667a0
      Fix deadlock should error occurs during stream constructor.
      Create AirPlay instance before RAOP one
      Fix occasional crash in AirPlay
      Dismiss photo being currently displayed when video is about to start.
      Fix mac universal build
      Extend ShowNotification utility method
      Add support for "error" type notification and add visibility field
      Add error and visibility option to mythutil
      Add SendNotification to Myth and Frontend service API
      Fix trailing whitspaces
      Revert "Fix mac universal build"
      Fix mac universal build #2
      Allow notification error to be full screen
      Add default theme for full screen notification error and missing artwork
      Add AirPlay full screen playback setting to Appearance setting screen.
      Visibility and Priority are actually unsigned integer
      bits start at 0 !
      Fix parsing of #EXTMYTHTV tag in M3U playlists..
      Do not display a popup that no channels were found when using IPTV.
      Show the user an error if downloading an IPTV playlist failed
      Fix typo.
      Add Warning and Check notification type
      Display backend is online message as a Check notification.
      Add support in default theme for Check and Warning notification.
      Don't show airplay connection status during playback.
      Set HTTP Proxy in mythtv-setup and mythavtest
      When dropping manually a notification by pressing ESC, remove the "first" one
      Fix typo.
      Ensure cancelling a download is done in the same thread it started

Jim Stichnoth (125):
      Subtitles: Add support for forced text subtitle tracks.
      Reduce the amount of "Build background buttonlist" logging.
      Add missing newline at EOF.
      Fixes #11173.  Rename filter_table_priv back to filter_table.
      Subtitles: Don't use a persistent DB setting to control forced subtitles.
      Subtitles: Remove legacy CEA-608 teletext caption support.  Fixes #10786.
      Properly initialize the MythPlayer::video_aspect field.
      Cutlist editor: Trigger a redraw of the editbar when changes are made.
      Fix a couple of grammatical errors in help text.
      Remove redundant "All Programs - " text in Watch Recordings screen.
      Improve the group filter display on the Watch Recordings screen.
      Provide accurate position/duration/seeking with non-constant framerates.
      Fix FFWDSTICKY/RWNDSTICKY behavior while paused.
      Cutlist editor: Fix the broken undo/redo capability.
      Fix duration display for in-progress variable-framerate recordings.
      Fix duration map logic for extrapolating to (frame=0,dur=0).
      Configure the h.264 parser to identify only IDR keyframes.
      Fix signed/unsigned compiler warnings.
      Fix an issue with total duration in files without seektables.
      Cutlist editor: more undo stack fixes.
      Fix playback of a final cut region.
      Fix the duration map for back-to-back recordings.
      Play closer to the end of the video.
      Fix end-of-playback logic for in-progress recordings.
      Reset the decoder EOF state before seeking.
      Fixes #6974.  Play all the way to the end of the video.
      Fix display of current position for DVD playback.
      Fix EOF detection/handling for DVD titles.
      Fix "mythcommflag --rebuild" for non-HDPVR recordings.
      Fix braino in 802e32ba4dc8852da56db170893e95cbc28637e3 .
      Fix missing CEA-708 closed captions.
      Ensure subtitles are cleared when they are supposed to be.
      Fix signed/unsigned error in seek computations.
      Silence a compiler warning by removing an unused variable.
      Fix live TV sometimes pausing at channel changes.
      Allow seeking back through the live TV chain.
      Fixes #10829.  Handle aspect ratio changes when seeking while paused.
      Improve playback all the way to the end.
      Improve the Manual Zoom experience during video playback.
      Improve the Manual Zoom experience.
      Rescale 1088-row videos to avoid showing trailing garbage.
      Use the latest frame count when transcoding in-progress recordings.
      Improve performance in the MythPlayer event loop.
      Fix several cppcheck warnings.
      Change VideoBuffers method names to StudlyCaps style.
      Enable more ffmpeg logging at startup of playback.
      Fix Live TV startup, particularly for analog PVR-xxx tuners.
      Fix the timer that periodically saves the seektable delta.
      Avoid segfaulting with -v playback when m_positionMap is empty.
      Subtitles: Add manual synchronization of text subtitles.
      Improved cropping of the bottom 8 lines of 1088-line video.
      Fix h.264 frame/keyframe identification in the player.
      Improve the accuracy of durations computed by the recorder and player.
      Add extra settings to LIBS.
      Fixes #11432.  Remove a now-unnecessary scaling operation.
      Detect the cropped picture size in the h.264 parser.
      Fix off-by-1000 error in saving total duration to the markup table.
      Fixes #11358.  Use dimension and cropping information from the video.
      Calculate h.264 aspect ratio using cropped dimensions.
      Remove another manual 1088->1080 translation.
      Remove the 1088->1080 translation in the preview generator.
      Fix h.264 frame/keyframe identification in the player.
      Improve the accuracy of durations computed by the recorder and player.
      Add extra settings to LIBS.
      Fixes #11432.  Remove a now-unnecessary scaling operation.
      Detect the cropped picture size in the h.264 parser.
      Fix off-by-1000 error in saving total duration to the markup table.
      Fixes #11358.  Use dimension and cropping information from the video.
      Calculate h.264 aspect ratio using cropped dimensions.
      Remove another manual 1088->1080 translation.
      Remove the 1088->1080 translation in the preview generator.
      Apply the pixel aspect ratio, if available, to aspect ratio calculation.
      Subtitles: Change the increments for adjusting the text subtitle delay.
      AV subtitles: fix redrawing issue and conflation with text zoom factor.
      Enable proper display of elapsed time when paused with VAAPI.
      Simplify the semantics of QueryCutList().
      Initial implementation of Themed Menus.  Refs #11533
      Themed Menus part 2: remove old code.  Refs #11533
      Themed menus: Prepend GetConfDir() to the search path.
      Make substring comparisons less fragile.  Fixes #11536.
      Improve the translatability of a string.
      Newer and improveder string translation.
      Themed menus: clean up the classes/interface.
      Simplify action names in the cutlist editor.
      Themed menus: Implement the cutlist editor menus.  Refs #11533
      Themed menus: clean up processing of includes.
      Fix a performance warning from cppcheck.
      Fix cppcheck warnings.
      Themed menus: Allow an item to always be set as current.
      Themed menus: allow Undo/Redo options to always be displayed.
      Themed menus: Add a compact version of the cutlist menu.
      Initialize the last_seen field.  Coverity 700904.
      Fix Coverity 1025910, 1025904, and 1025903.
      Make sure m_fontSize is always initialized.  Coverity 700918.
      Fix Coverity 1023886 (a true bug) and 1023883.
      Fix Coverity 700588.
      Fix Coverity 700410.
      Fix Coverity 746871 (remove a no-longer-used field) and 746794.
      Initialize oldrecstatus in ProgramInfo::clear().
      Fix Coverity 1023878, 700230, and 700229.
      Silence Coverity 700581.
      Remove an unused field.  Coverity 1023899
      Fix Coverity 700283.  This is most likely an actual bug fix.
      Remove unnecessary include.
      Simplify LiveTVChain updates during channel changes.
      Fix unintended sign extensions detected by Coverity.
      Simplify the CC708CharacterAttribute constructor.
      Subtitles: Remove long-unneeded methods.  Improve performance.
      Add the REC_STARTED_WRITING system event.
      Fix Coverity 746812 and 1025905.  Check ctx->player before dereferencing.
      Fix a cut&paste error identified by Coverity 746770.
      Fix Coverity 700930 and 700931.
      Disable minimum file size check for .srt files.  Refs #11618
      Support .srt files for in-progress recordings.  Refs #11618
      Use RemoteFile::isOpen() instead of Open() to check for success.
      Ensure cardid is initialized for a new Live TV recording.
      Subtitles: Change timecode matching mechanism for .srt files.
      Fix mistake in 59512d5e9dad1cab2e5a5465dbeb7ae90fe5a128.
      Subtitles: Reset the external subtitle filename.  Refs #11618
      Subtitles: Reload .srt files in the background with a helper thread.
      Avoid premature playback exit for audio-only recordings.
      Guard against a null AudioOutput.
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Allow local .srt files to be loaded.  Regression in feb2e0f.
      Fix display of current position in an audio-only recording.

Joakim Plate (1):
      changed: allow 4 second skew between streams in mov before attempting to seek

Joe Ripley (1):
      MythWeather Environment Canada Parser update

Joey Morris (1):
      Use the correct index for program.previouslyshown in the query result.

John Patrick Poet (18):
      scheduler.cpp: Cleanup trailing whitespace
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      ProgramInfo:  Add partnumber,parttotal and syndicatedepisode to serialized
      MythUIText: Add attributes to <scroll>, allowing the themer to control the
      Cleanup trailing whitespace in recorders directory
      Include cardid in logging where possible.
      Fix argument error caught by clang but missed by g++ 4.6.3, from commit 023b90f4ba37744d2a123f68213240a86ae03540
      Revert the ugly parts of 023b90f4ba37744d2a123f68213240a86ae03540
      Re-implement cardid logging in streamdata in a much cleaner and more useful way.
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Fix compilation (hopefully) following 5070987ae2a2fffcc356b56b226459b9489061ad
      Allow multiple keyframes per payload.
      Revert 8290182ea98f2eb20bbcaed745222c348bfc75fa so the signal monitor
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Move signal monitor timeout into TVRec.
      TVRec::TuningFrequency: Make sure curRecording exists before trying to use it.
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      H264Parser: Fix decoding of SPS

John Poet (10):
      analogsignalmonitor: quiet some compiler warnings by removing some unused variables.
      Playback: Cut the Manual zoom increment in half, for finer-grained control.
      DeviceReadBuffer: Try to optimize some of the busy-waiting.
      DeviceReadBuffer: Deal with device drivers which segment their internal buffers.
      ASIStreamHandler: Detect how many driver buffers are available, and attempt
      SignalMonitor: Timeout if we don't get a lock in a reasonable amount of time.
      DTVRecorder: buffer up each payload until we know if the payload is a
      Cleanup some useless "discontinuity detected" messages following 87a15e1ce
      dtvrecorder: Don't try to buffer frames for audio-only streams.
      dtvrecorder: Flush the payload buffer whenever a new payload starts.

Jonatan Lindblad (12):
      Internet Content: Remove deprecated YouTube categories
      mythccextractor: Fix teletext subtitle duration
      mythccextractor: Skip teletext page headers
      mythccextractor: Update one header file missed in 018691f04
      Add back a missing tr() in the schedule editor.
      OpenGLVideo: Fix a double free in AddFilter() when OptimiseFilters() fails
      MythUI: Fix use after free in MythUIEditBar
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      MythSystem: Fix copy/paste in [8532584f]
      MythBrowser: Disable the screensaver during Flash playback
      LCDProcClient: Fix two array bounds read errors
      Internet Content: Resync OAuth with upstream

Karl Dietz (77):
      Speed up and reduce temporary space of time search a lot.
      fix parttotal imported from xmltv_ns
      improve EITFixup for german RTL channels
      doxify existing MythDate::Formats constant comments
      shortcut cleanup after failed transcode
      let EITScanner cache negative lookups and shortcut on hit
      prefer matching language to the default audio track in auto selection
      Handle EIT events of the active transport without looking at original_network_id or transport_id
      fixup RTL EITFixup to not fake up original air dates
      prettify mythbackend --printsched for systems with >9 virtual tuners
      EITFixup for to force ANIXE EIT to ISO-8859-9 on DVB-T
      store chanid as unsigned int in EITScanner
      Optimize reschedules from the EITScanner (low hanging fruit only)
      Optimize EIT reschedules by limiting them to changed schedule parts.
      extend normalization of AC-3, DTS and E-AC-3 signalling
      Remove hack to normalize H.264 signalling for ITV HD
      attempt to unbreak ASIRecorder past [023b90f4]
      fix some links to the "new" wiki location
      make "Universal (Europe)" the default LNB type
      fix typo
      update mythtranscode to work with ac3 with newer ffmpeg
      add NULL check missed in [a9b90652]
      split position and duration map in mythtranscode
      silence signedness warnings after upstream fix
      Make the idle timeout independent of scheduler runs
      activate some EIT fixups for Unitymedia (DVB-C Germany)
      EITFixup: mark ServusTV HD on Unitymedia as HD
      convert (void)parameter to anonymous parameters
      Rework renderer selection to only allow one match per round
      rework FindUnusedPID after heads up from Coverty
      fix Failed CRC check 0xVARIABLE != 0xVARIABLE for StreamID = 0x80-0x8f
      silence icc warning about undefined __cplusplus
      Add newline at end of file to make g++ happy
      fix type of counter to match length
      remove left over variable after [c8a3eedc105]
      there's no point in comparing frame number to key type
      remove duplicate break;
      remove unused variable
      give the temporary variable the same type as the variable it holds
      remove unused variable
      fix typo in HouseKeeper documentation
      rename method SetHourWindow to silence compiler warnings
      change type of counters to size_t to silence warnings about sign mismatch
      change code to avoid multiple different types in initialization part of the loops
      fix typo in [71e1b8c6]
      add newline at the end to silence the compiler warning
      change to log level LOG_ANY to silence compiler warnings
      improve documentation of the chanid generation scheme
      fix doxygen link and change style to be less prominent
      update documentation to match header
      doxify enumerator documentation
      Doxify deprecation of RingBuffer::SetTimeout()
      replace commented out deprecated methods with documentation
      move MThread and MThreadPool into a documentation group
      add skeleton unit test for mpegtables based on template
      mark VideoSync::KeepPhase deprecated as written in the comment
      change style of unused parameter
      link unit test against libraries in the build directory
      fix visibility of PESPacket, pes_alloc, pes_free to match PSIPTable
      remove linker hack from unit test build now that the visibility is fixed
      add constructor for PSIPTables from byte arrays
      add unit test for TimeDateTable
      don't force SI sections into a PESPacket, use the new constructor instead
      remove ViewData now that all users are gone
      cppcheck: pass const string parameter by reference
      cppcheck: remove unused variables
      cppcheck: don't store unused position
      cppcheck: remove unused variable
      cppcheck: add hint to false positive, the variable appear to be used!
      cppcheck: remove unused variable
      cppcheck: remove unused variable
      cppcheck: solve [472cb6aa90] the other way around
      cppcheck: remove unused variables
      cppcheck: comment out unused variable
      cppcheck: remove unused variables
      switch firewire recorder over to new constructor, too
      switch commented out code over to new constructor

Kenni Lund (2):
      Fix string in mythcommflag containing translator comment.
      Update the Danish translation of mythfrontend.

Kevin Ross (1):
      Fix audio sync.

Ki Sung Bae (1):
      Fixes error of not defined TMDBLocaleError

Laurent ARNAL (1):
      Make a best guess effort to automate the insertion of xmltvids

Lawrence Rust (7):
      previewgen: Fix handling of --infile
      libmythtv: MHEG ignores TEXTEXIT if no onscreen to allow Esc key binding
      UK EIT fixups: Retain series and episode number in description
      mythpreviewgen: Can't create local preview image of a remote recording
      mythpreviewgen: Allow screengrab without seek table
      libmyth: Prevent a SEGV in mythwelcome when backend connection reestablished
      LoadCacheImage: Fix check of filedate causing unnecessary cache reload

Luca Barbato (2):
      indeo: Properly forward the error codes
      atrac3: fix error handling

Matthieu Bouron (1):
      lavf/mov: skip version and flags attributes in mov_read_chan function

Michael Niedermayer (75):
      mov: fix time types related to mov_metadata_creation_time
      lavf: move force_codec_ids() up
      lavf: Fix codec id forcing with probed codecs
      ff_get_audio_frame_size: try to fix wma in wav
      swr: fix handling of timestamps that cause multiple drops or silence injections
      mpeg12: Support decoding dimensions that are a multiple of 4096
      mpeg12enc: Correctly mask dimensions
      mpeg12enc: check dimension validity
      mpeg1enc: Disable threads for resolutions too large for multi-threading
      update for FFmpeg 1.0.2
      aacenc: Fix assignments in if()
      libfaac: Fix assignments in if()
      libfdk-aacenc: Fix assignments in if()
      libmp3lame: Fix assignments in if()
      libopencore-amr: Fix assignments in if()
      libspeexenc: Fix assignments in if()
      libvo-aacenc: Fix assignments in if()
      libvorbisenc: Fix assignments in if()
      nellymoserenc: Fix assignments in if()
      ra144enc: Fix assignments in if()
      tiff: Fix assignments in if()
      vsrc_testsrc: Fix assignments in if()
      rtmpproto: Fix assignments in if()
      avf_showwaves: fix null pointer dereference
      h264/ff_generate_sliding_window_mmcos: fix use of uninitialized variable
      h264: print mismatching opcode details in check_opcodes()
      h264: fix use of uninitialized variable
      Update for 1.0.3
      movtextenc: fix pointer messup and out of array accesses
      dvenc: dont fail hard if the timecode is invalid
      ffmpeg: dont allow -flags to override -pass
      sanm: check image dimensions before using them
      huffyuvdec: Check init_vlc() return codes.
      huffyuvdec: Skip len==0 cases
      adpcm: fix off by 1 error and out of array access in DK4
      alsdec: check block length
      atrac3dec: Check coding mode against channels.
      error_concealment: Check that the picture is not in a half setup state.
      avcodec_decode_audio: do not trust the channel layout, use the channel count.
      sanm: Check decoded_size.
      vqavideo: check chunk sizes before reading chunks
      aacdec: check channel count
      h264: Only apply error concealment if theres a frame
      update for 1.0.4
      h264_refs: Print default in case we are missing a reference.
      h264: Reset last_pocs in case of reference or frame number inconsistencies
      avidec: dont randomly skip packets for offseting the index
      ffmpeg: free threads on error conditions.
      smacker: remove av_clip_int16()
      avienc: Disallow the first frame to be skiped
      h264_cavlc: fix reading skip run
      mpegvideo: implement ff_put_h264_chroma_mc1 & ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc2
      avcodec/utils: Fix encoder allocation size
      alacenc: Fix missing sign_extend()
      swresample/x86/audio_convert: add emms to CONV
      ff_gen_search: make step 64 bit to prevent hypothetical integer overflow
      ff_gen_search: fix limit
      ff_gen_search: fix infinite loop
      avformat/libmodplug: Reduce the probe score for small input
      avformat/iff: Byte seek is unsupported
      avdevice/x11grab: allocate just one Cursor
      avcodec/x86/dsputil_init: only use xvid idct for lowres=0
      rmdec: Pass AVIOContext to rm_read_metadata()
      mpegts: only reopen pmt_cb filter if its different from the previous.
      avcodec/x86/vp3dsp_init: move mmx functions under HAVE_MMX_INLINE
      libavcodec/x86/mpegvideo: Move mmx functions under HAVE_MMX_INLINE
      avformat/mov: Fix duration of fragmented mov
      mmsh: dont close context on seeking failure
      oggparseskeleton: avoid header parsing failure
      mp3dec: detect CBR and use CBR axiom to seek
      mpeg12dec: avoid reinitialization on PS changes when possible.
      update all trac links to use the trac subdomain
      avcodec/qdm2: store bits in an integer instead of float variable
      avcodec/qdm2: initialize sign_bits
      avfilter/af_earwax: Fix out of array accesses on odd packets

Michael T. Dean (2):
      Change default Xinerama aspect ratio to widescreen
      Remove deprecated defined() on aggregate

Morris Cavestro (4):
      Updated Italien MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythGame, MythMusic,
      Updated Italian MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythGallery, MythGame and MythNetvision translation
      Updated Italian MythArchive, MythGallery, MythMusic and
      Update Italian MythFrontend translation from Morris Cavestro

Nick Morrott (1):
      Updated MythFrontend English GB translation

Nicolas George (1):
      ffmpeg: mark attachment streams finished.

Nicolas Riendeau (65):
      Change one of the Chinese date format at the translator's request.
      Updated MythFrontend Spanish/Spain translation from Antonio Marcos Lopez Alonso
      Make some mythcommflag strings translatable and while at it
      Correct a small typo in a menu description.
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Translation cleanup/context change
      Miscellaneous translation fixes
      Translation context fixes
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Translation context changes and miscellaneous fixes.
      Translation context change and addition of a few disambiguation strings
      Translation context change
      Updated Spanish/Spain MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythMusic,
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Miscellaneous translation context changes
      Translation context changes
      Translation updates
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Translation context changes and addition of disambiguation strings.
      Translation context changes
      Fix a concatenated strings and change its context.
      Miscellaneous translation fixes
      More translation conext changes...
      MythArchive translation context changes
      Miscellaneous translation fixes
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Remove redundant QObject:: prefix from some tr()
      Add some new strings in the (Common) context.
      Miscellaneous translation fixes
      MythGallery translation context changes
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Mark two new strings for translation.
      Remove the last remnant of the QObject translation context in
      MythArchive translation context change
      Remove a redundant QObject:: prefix, the class ExportNative already inherit
      Translation context change and new disambiguation strings.
      Replace a QObject::tr() that was missed
      Remove a redundant QObject::, the class already inherits from QObject
      Remove another redundant QObject::
      Make translatable strings extractable and remove redundant QObject::
      ChannelGroup translation context change
      Miscellaneous translation fixes
      Translation context change
      Another translation context change
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Remove a redundant QObject::, the class already inherit from QObject...
      Removal of other QObject::tr() calls...
      Remove some redundant QObject:: prefixes.
      Miscellaneous translation fixes
      Translation context change and removal of concatenated string.
      Remove another QObject::tr()
      Miscellaneous traslation fixes
      Remove additionnal QObject::tr() and permit translation using tr() only...
      Miscellaneous translation fixes
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Fully translate the dvd menu
      Miscellaneous translation fixes
      Make some new strings translatable
      Miscellanous translation fixes
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Setting VERSION to v0.27-alpha
      Reverting version change due tu a permission problem
      Make translatable strings extractable and change context.
      Remove redundant QObject::, the class already inherit tr() from

Nigel Pearson (6):
      Document libmythhdhomerun, mythlogserver and osx-packager-qtsdk.pl
      Document libmythhdhomerun, mythlogserver and osx-packager-qtsdk.pl
      Doxygen correction - logServerStart(void) was listing a heap of extra args.
      Coverity warning: if a cast failed, ConnectBackend() will be called with a null.
      Coverity: m_SendEvent not init'd after 972a8d2d14056689a056d592954fde8838588b28
      Coverity: "Structurally dead code."

Nigel Touati-Evans (1):
      Fix copying extradata to codec in mxfdec.c

Paul B Mahol (1):
      smacker: fix off by one error

Paul Gardiner (2):
      Add AAC and AAC_LATM tags to mythtranscode info output.
      Fix bug in mythtranscodes clean-cutting mechanism

Paul Harrison (264):
      mythmusic: Clean up the variable names in playlistcontainer.cpp
      mythmusic: Remove a load of redundant code from playlistcontainer.cpp
      mythmusic: Remove the backup playlist stuff it's no longer used
      mythmusic: Save playlists to DB when changed not at frontend exit
      mythmusic: Fix saving active playlist to an existing playlist
      mythmusic: Fix streaming radio not being able to connect to some streams
      Fix ChannelInfo::ToMap() returning gibberish for channelrecpriority
      MythMusic: Move all the tag reading/writing into the MetaIO classes
      MythZoneminder: possible fix for a type-punned pointer problem in zmserver.cpp
      MythMusic: remove the SavePending() function which is no longer used
      MythZoneminder: Make sure the connection to the server is shutdown on FE exit
      MythArchive: update the encoding profiles to work with the current mythffmpeg
      MythArchive: update mythburn.py to work with the updated encoding profiles
      MythArchive: update mythburn.py to work with the new mpeg2video codec name
      MythArchive: update mythburn.cpp to work with the new mpeg2video codec name
      MythArchive: update the encoding profiles to work with the current mythffmpeg
      MythArchive: update mythburn.py to work with the updated encoding profiles
      MythArchive: update mythburn.py to work with the new mpeg2video codec name
      MythArchive: update mythburn.cpp to work with the new mpeg2video codec name
      mythzmserver: Add a proper check for a failed call to mmap()
      MythMusic: Various cleanups/fixes to radio streaming
      MythMusic: Add missing default 4:3 stream-ui.xml theme file
      Add some descriptions to the classic menu items
      Add some descriptions to the MythMusic menu items
      mythgallery: Restore position after a rename in icon view
      mythgallery: Restore position after a delete in icon view
      mythnews: Add a few more fixups to the description text
      mythnews: More fixups to the description text
      MythNews: remove an unneeded debug include left in 81f19bba22
      MythCenter-wide: Fix not being able to scroll left in the file browser
      MythCenter/MythCenter-wide: Tidy up the 'Program Details' screen
      MythCenter-wide: Fix the width of the priority text on the channelrecpriority screen
      MythMusic: add the notracks text area to the playlist editor screen
      MythMusic: fix the notracks text not always showing/hiding when it should
      MythMusic: use QSettings for the pls parser
      MythArchive: fix a filename quoted twice bug introduced in b85f5bba72
      MythMusic: Fix typo preventing the autoplaycd setting loading correctly
      MythArchive: fix the missing logs when doing a native archive import/export
      MythArchive: fix the import/export of recordings to the native archive format
      mytharchivehelper: Remove an unneeded include added in 003f3023f2
      MythUITextEdit: Add up/down cursor movement in multi-line text edits
      Fix not being able to insert a newline in the multi-line text edit
      Virtual keyboard: Fix some key codes and allow vertical cursor movement
      MythUITextEdit: Add cursor page up/page down movement
      MythCenter-wide: make the text cursor more visible
      MythMusic: Tweak the text areas on the trackinfo_popup
      MythMusic: Fix segfault on visualization settings page if a widget is missing
      Fix possible segfault when exiting a screen when using the Qt painter
      MythCenter-wide: tweak the shadow position and colour on the baselarge font
      MythUIWebBrowser: Work around a Qt bug that is causing SSL errors for some sites
      mythuitype: emit the FinishedFading signal
      default-wide: add base definitions for horizontal and vertical scrollbars
      default-wide: add base definition of a webbrowser with scrollbars
      MythCenter-wide: add base definitions of scrollbars and webbrowser
      MythUIScrollBar: make the scrollbar hide itself after fading out
      MythUIWebBrowser: fix inheriting from a base definition
      MythCenter-wide: update the browser on the progdetails screen
      MythUIWebBrowser: allow the scrollbars to overlap the browser when set to fade
      MythCenter-wide: Make the edit recording metadata dialog more usable
      MythCenter-wide: update the watch recordings screen
      Speed up sorting by string in MythGenericTree and allow for custom sort strings
      MythMusic: immediately play songs from playlist editor when PLAY is pressed
      MythMusic: extend the immediate play when PLAY is pressed to individual tracks
      MythCenter-wide: Tweaks to the watch recordings screen
      MythCenter-wide: Tweaks to the Channel Recording Priority window
      MythCenter-wide: Fix the layout of the Custom Priority Rules screen
      MythMusic: add a av_log_callback to avfDecoder to catch any FFmpeg messages
      Fix infinite recursion crash when editing Playback Groups
      MythCenter: Make the OSD consistent with the wide version
      MythCenter: Make the main menu consistent with the wide version
      MythCenter: Make the base.xml more consistent with the wide version
      MythCenter: Make schedule-ui.xml more consistent with the wide version
      MythCenter: Make video-ui.xml more consistent with the wide version
      MythCenter: Tweak MythPopupBox which is used for the popup menus
      MythCenter: make the Program Details screen consistent with the wide version
      MythCenter: tweak the shadow on the baselarge font
      MythCenter: make the Watch Recordings screen consistent with the wide version
      MythCenter: make Edit Recording Metadata popup consistent with the wide version
      MythCenter: fix the Manage Recording Rules screen
      MythCenter: bump the theme version
      MythCenter-wide: on the EPG fix the channel number and callsign being cut off
      MythCenter: Fix the overlapping icons in the icon view in MythGallery
      Fix a bogus warning message on the Channel Recording Priorities screen
      MythMusic: in the playlist editor tree sort album tracks by track number
      MythMusic: hunt for tracks in the 'Music' storage group
      MythMusic: allow seeking when playing back from a storage group
      MythMusic: re-factor the IODevice handling
      MythMusic: look for coverart in the Music/MusicArt storage groups
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      MythMusic: add storage group support in the AlbumArt visualiser
      MythMusic: look for icons in the MusicArt storage group
      MythMusic: move metadata and tag reading/writing to libmythmetadata
      configure: try to fix the failing taglib checks
      configure: try to fix the failing taglib checks (part2)
      configure: try to fix the failing taglib checks (part3)
      Remove a menu item that crept in as part of [df0cdfe8]
      MythUIWebBrowser: when changing the zoom level display it on the status bar
      MythUIWebBrowser: make the zoom level a live setting
      MythUIWebBrowser: set some sensible bounds to the zoom level 0.3 to 5.0
      MythUIWebBrowser: correct a comment
      MythNews: improve media:content parsing in rss feeds
      mythnews: fix debugging in NewsSite::parseRSS()
      MythCookieJar: fix loading/saving of cookies to a file
      MythUIWebBrowser: load/save cookies to a text file
      MythWebView: remove the WheelEvent handler
      MythBrowser: add support for optional back/forward/exit buttons
      MythCenter-wide: add a browser-ui.xml file for MythBrowser
      MythCenter: add a browser-ui.xml file for MythBrowser
      MythMusic: fix the parsing of the shoutcast metadata with accented characters
      MythMusic: use the MusicBrainz freedb gateway to lookup a cd's metadata
      MythMusic: treat all metadata from MusicBrainz's freedb gateway as utf8
      MythMusic: fix a mix up with the genre handling in the freedb cd lookup
      MythMusic: remove the MusicTagEncoding setting
      Terra: remove 'tagencoding' selector and text area from musicsettings-ui.xml
      MythMusic: always use MythDownloadManager for Cddb lookups
      configure: modify the taglib check so it doesn't add anything to extralibs
      MythUIWebBrowser: show the keyboard input status on the status bar when toggled
      MythMusic: allow the last playtime to be set to a specific time
      MythMusic: also remove cd tracks from the music_map when cleared
      MythMusic: handle a MUSIC_METADATA_CHANGED MythEventMessage in the musicplayer
      MythMusic: don't use cdio_paranoia for CD playback
      Media Monitor: tell all handlers when a device status changes to MEDIASTAT_OPEN
      MythMusic: rip out the CDWatcherThread
      MythMusic: remove some redundant CD stuff from PlaylistContainer
      MythMusic: reinstate the media handler for CD playback
      MythMusic: Add a CD node to the playlist editor
      MythMusic: Add an icon for the CD node in the playlist editor
      MythMusic: don't flag EOF from av_read_frame() as an error in avfDecoder
      MythMusic: rename some variables in avfDecoder to match our coding standards
      Initialise m_filesize in the radio stream ctor of MusicMetadata
      Check albumart_image is not NULL in MusicMetadata::getAlbumArtFile()
      Fix what looks like a copy/paste error in MetaIO::readFromFilename()
      MythMusic: append "\r\n" to the Authorization line in the shoutcast header
      MythMusic: remove any username/password when displaying any radio stream URLs
      MythMusic: remove some redundant code from CdDecoder
      MythMusic: fix Coverity ID 1026182 Use after free
      MythMusic: fix Coverity ID 1026178 Uninitialized pointer field
      MythMusicVolumeDialog: fix Coverity ID 1026179 Uninitialized pointer field
      MythCommon: Move some code to where it should be
      DecoderIOFactoryShoutCast: fix Coverity ID 1026180 Uninitialized scalar field
      StreamView: fix Coverity ID 1026167, 1026168 Dereference null return value
      StreamView: fix Coverity ID 1026165 Dereference after null check
      MythMusic: fix Coverity ID 1026166 Improper use of negative value
      MythMusic: fix Coverity ID  1026169 Resource leak
      MythMusic: fix Coverity ID  1026175,1026176,1026177 Uninitialized variables
      AvfDecoder: fix several Coverity detected errors
      MythMusic: fix Coverity ID 1026174 initialise several variables in ThumbFinder
      mytharchivehelper: fix Coverity ID 1026163 remove some logically dead code
      MetadataImageDownload: fix Coverity ID  700237 Unchecked return value
      MythFontProperties: fix Coverity ID 700924 Uninitialized scalar field
      Search: fix Coverity ID  700801 Uninitialized scalar field
      RSSSite: fix Coverity ID 700800 Uninitialized scalar field
      LanguageSelection: fix Coverity ID 700798 Uninitialized pointer field
      ResultItem: fix Coverity ID 700806 Uninitialized scalar field
      MetadataLookup: fix Coverity ID 700886, 700885 Uninitialized scalar field
      fix Coverity ID 700887 Uninitialized scalar field
      VideoMetadata: fix Coverity ID  700888 Uninitialized pointer field
      VideoMetadata: fix Coverity ID 700889 Uninitialized pointer field
      fix Coverity IDs 746868, 700890 Uninitialized scalar/pointer field
      fix Coverity IDs 700811,700812,700813,700814,700815 Uninitialized scalar fields
      MythArchive: fix Coverity ID 1026725 Uninitialized pointer field
      MythMusic: refactor RatingSettings::Create()
      MusicCommon: fix Coverity ID 1026178 Uninitialized scalar field
      DecoderIOFactoryUrl: fix Coverity ID 1026731 Uninitialized pointer field
      FileScanner: fix Coverity ID 1026724 Dereference before null check
      MythBrowser: fix Coverity ID  1026711 Unchecked return value
      MythBrowser: fix Coverity ID 1026726 Uninitialized pointer field
      MythZoneMinder: fix Coverity ID  1026737 Uninitialized pointer field
      MythZoneMinder: fix Coverity ID 1026738 Uninitialized scalar field
      MythZoneMinder: fix Coverity ID 1026739 Uninitialized pointer field
      MythUIWebBrowser: fix the keyboard toggle message
      MythBrowser: fix Coverity ID 1026727 Uninitialized scalar field
      MythBrowser: let the MythUIWebBrowser set the correct zoom
      MythGame: fix compilation on Gentoo after [cf5b1e87]
      MythZoneMinder: fix Coverity ID 1026721 Unchecked dynamic_cast
      MythUIWebBrowser: load the zoom setting from the DB
      MythGallery:  Fix coverity ID 1026728 Uninitialized pointer field
      MythGame:  Fix coverity ID 1026730 Uninitialized scalar field
      MythNetVision: Fix coverity ID 1026733 Uninitialized pointer field
      MythNetVision: Fix coverity ID  1026734 Uninitialized pointer field
      Fix coverity ID 700628 Parse warning
      AudioOutput: Fix coverity ID 700791 Uninitialized scalar field
      AudioOutput: Fix coverity ID  700792 Uninitialized scalar field
      DBUtil:: Fix coverity ID 746742 Unchecked return value from library
      MSqlDatabase:: Fix coverity ID 700623 Big parameter passed by value
      MythHttpHandler: Fix coverity ID 746865 Uninitialized scalar field
      MythNews: Fix coverity ID 1026720 Explicit null dereferenced
      MythNews: Fix coverity ID  1026735 Uninitialized pointer field
      MythMusic: Fix coverity ID 703848 Structurally dead code
      MythWeather: Fix coverity ID 1026736 Uninitialized pointer field
      MythZMServer: add a QUIT command to cleanly quit the server
      MythWeather: forgot to git add this change be committing [cb53d4d]
      MythZMServer: close the map files when a connection to the server closes
      Fix Coverity ID 1030341 Logically dead code
      VolumeBase: Fix Coverity ID 700796 Uninitialized scalar field
      HouseKeeper: remove from the list of listeners in the destructor
      LCDServer: fix coverity ID 700425 Unchecked dynamic_cast
      AudioReencodeBuffer: Remove m_bits which isn't used anywhere
      AudioTest: also initialise m_button missed in 54328bd25
      AudioAdvancedSettings: also remove m_triggerMPCM missed in 54328bd25
      DTC::BlurayInfo: fix some uninitialised variables in the ctors
      ChannelInfoList: fix coverity ID 700894 Uninitialized scalar field
      RecRuleList: fix coverity ID 700895 Uninitialized scalar field
      ViewScheduled: fix coverity ID 746886 Uninitialized pointer field
      CustomPriority: fix coverity ID 746878 Uninitialized pointer field
      CustomEdit: fix coverity ID 746877 Uninitialized pointer field
      GuideGrid: fix coverity ID 1023903 Uninitialized pointer field
      LCDServer: fix coverity ID 746888 Uninitialized pointer field
      LCDProcClient: fix coverity ID 746887 Uninitialized scalar field
      LCDProcClient: rename all the member variables to match our coding standards
      VideoDialog: fix coverity ID 746884 Uninitialized pointer field
      IdleScreen: fix coverity ID 746880 Uninitialized pointer field
      PlaybackBox: fix coverity ID 1023904 Uninitialized pointer field
      MediaRenderer: fix coverity ID 700947 Uninitialized pointer field
      MHListGroup: fix coverity ID 700819 Uninitialized scalar field
      MHScene: fix coverity ID 700817 Uninitialized scalar field
      MBroadcastSocketDevice: Fix Coverity ID 746753 Unchecked return value
      MHSlider: Fix Coverity ID  700820 Uninitialized scalar field
      VideoLookupInfo: Fix Coverity IDs 700896,700897 Uninitialized scalar fields
      VideoMultiplex: Fix Coverity ID 700898 Uninitialized scalar field
      VideoMultiplexList: Fix Coverity ID 700899 Uninitialized scalar field
      MHIContext: Fix Coverity ID 700912 Uninitialized pointer field
      H264Parser: Fix Coverity ID 700913 Uninitialized scalar field
      Fix Coverity ID 700914 Uninitialized scalar field
      MythNews: change the <wrapstyle> to 'selection' in the default themes
      MythNews: try to keep the same item selected in the articles list after update
      MythNews: remove the need for the depreciated HttpComms
      MythDownloadManager: make the comment match the code after afa03f27a2
      ImportIconsWizard: remove the need for the depreciated HttpComms
      IPTVChannelFetcher: remove the need for the depreciated HttpComms
      UIKeyType: Remove the unused m_bPushed variable
      UIType: Fix Coverity ID 746859 Uninitialized scalar field
      LoggingItem: Fix Coverity IDs 746861,746862,746863 Uninitialized scalar field
      Remove the depreciated mythhttphandler* and mythhttppool*
      Fix the backend selector failing to get the backend details
      Add a default-wide version of the backendselection screen
      SOAPClient: Use the MythDownloadManager in SendSOAPRequest()
      MythNetvision: Change RSSEditPopup to use the MythDownloadManager
      Remove the depreciated HttpComms.
      SpinBoxSetting: Fix Coverity ID 746858 Uninitialized pointer field
      MythDialog: Fix Coverity ID  746857 Uninitialized pointer field
      LoggingItem: Fix Coverity ID 746862 Uninitialized scalar field
      SPDIFEncoder: Fix Coverity ID  700795 Uninitialized scalar field
      ELD: Fix Coverity ID 700794 Uninitialized scalar field
      RSSEditPopup: Fix Coverity ID  1037043 Unchecked return value
      IPTVSignalMonitor: Fix Coverity ID 746869 & 746790
      CetonStreamHandler: Fix Coverity ID 700906 Uninitialized scalar field
      AnalogSignalMonitor: Fix Coverity ID 700903 Uninitialized scalar field
      NuppelDecoder: Fix Coverity ID 700917 Uninitialized pointer field
      DataDirectProcessor: Fix Coverity ID  700255 Unchecked return value
      Fix typo
      Fix initialisation order compiler warning
      ShoutCastIODevice: remove an unnecessary call to socketReadyRead()
      Initialize m_nMethodIndex in MethodInfo
      MythMusic: show a popup if Rip CD is selected but support isn't compiled in
      VideoSource: Fix Coverity 700900 Uninitialized scalar field
      ChannelScanSM: Fix Coverity 700691 Dereference before null check
      MythCoreContextPrivateFix: Fix Coverity 746864 Uninitialized scalar field
      UnzipPrivate: Fix Coverity 700810 Uninitialized scalar field
      ChannelImporter: Fix Coverity 700307 Logically dead code
      MythMusic: Remove an incorrect apostrophe added in fe97815b9
      Terra: Fix the broken editmetadata popup.
      Watch Recordings: make 'Playlist options' menu item consistent with the others
      Watch Recordings: make the menu items consistent for missing recordings

Peter Ross (1):
      wtvdec: demux thumbnail picture to AVStream.attached_pic

Piotr Bandurski (1):
      tiffdec: Use the correct height field.

R.D. Vaughan (2):
      Fix timezone issue with custom SQL queries.
      Add support for Miro v6.x. Fix watch video detection.

Raymond Wagner (85):
      Prevent data from being blanked out by subsequent queries.
      Forgot a version change in 0c4df45.
      Turn exceptions from invalid dates into squelchable warnings.
      Add support for searching by year.
      Add collection image support.
      Correct language filtering for Movie images.
      Add upcoming Movie query.
      Correct URL for top rated Movie query to 'movie/top_rated'.
      Add support for user Movie watchlist.
      Fix URL used for rating Movies.
      Disable idle time any time inputs are locked.
      Add missing header for FreeBSD after ceton merge.
      Use translated title rather than original title for results, if available.
      Bump internal bindings versions.
      Add support for lists.
      Add searchCollection function.
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:wagnerrp/pytmdb3
      Changes image default to None, rather than u''.
      Improve handling of timezones with limited historical data.
      Correct overlapping error codes.
      Partially resolve unicode filename issue in ftopen().
      Remove incorrect selection of DST offset.
      Allow posixtzinfo to use the TZ environmental variable.
      Fix typo in tmdb3.py that returns invalid crew IDs.
      Merge commit 'abe6a286c4bc98d3f3d1ed123791471d5e25b2cd'
      Add recording rule template support to Python Bindings.
      Update docs to reference config.xml instead of mysql.txt.
      Just playing with doxygen grouping a bit.
      Add doxygen grouping for mythcommandlineparser.
      Add "standby" status for mythfrontend standby mode.
      Fix direct system calling when using log parameter propagation.
      Migrate Screen Setup Wizard to external application.
      Make sure forked process has stopped when deleting MythSystem
      Called methods against wrong object in destructor.
      Fix file opening in python bindings.
      Make sure forked process has stopped when deleting MythSystem
      Called methods against wrong object in destructor.
      Fix file opening in python bindings.
      Add license.
      Initial rewrite and migration of housekeeper to libraries.
      Give 'find' a path so it behaves on FreeBSD
      Remove old housekeeper from backend.
      Add schema update for housekeeping table changes.
      Make sure housekeeping run times are in UTC.
      Add housekeeping task for hardware profiler (smolt).
      Add missing header changes for HardwareProfileTask.
      Add HardwareProfile task to assorted applications.
      Fix schema update for HardwareProfile housekeeping task.
      Fix typo that registered general cleanup task to incorrect tag.
      Correct the database tags of some backend housekeeping tasks.
      Make MythFillDatabaseTask run if it missed its original run window.
      Miscellaneous fixes.
      Break SetHourWindow out into a separate method.
      Fix typo in schema update for housekeeping table.
      Fix database update for local scope housekeeping tasks.
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/housekeeper
      Update bindings for revised schema version.
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/housekeeper
      Add .core files to gitignore.
      Convert HardwareProfile task to a periodic task.
      Add some logging for debugging, remove some others.
      Merge branch 'devel/housekeeper'
      Bump ABI version following housekeeping merge.
      Correct event handling for managing multiple housekeepers in same scope.
      Add Doxygen documentation for HouseKeeper.
      Add warning to ScreenSetupWizard for windowed mode.
      Flip logic pertaining to logging success of housekeeping tasks.
      Make schema updates fail, rather than vocally continue.
      Fix misspelling in schema update 1312.
      Have hardware profiler disable itself when deleting profile.
      Update README, bump version
      Force mythfilldatabase to run from install PREFIX.
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Fix infinite reprocessing loop for booleans in command line parser.
      Fix issue accessing crossreferenced tables after using Video.create()
      Merge commit '2764bf4eb2615f08b30c1afb7a3bfce74fb0e6fa'
      Replace tmdb.py with tmdb3.py
      Correct invalid date exception handling.
      Merge commit 'd061321a332f4173728343ed111c1ef9d6adb22c'
      Add debugging mode for tmdb3.py
      Fix metadata fanart selection.
      Correct issue where too narrow a console can break help output
      Correct sanity check on SET_BOOKMARK protocol command
      Fix housekeeping schema update.
      Fix typo in housekeeper schema update

Richard (39):
      When processing frames from DVD/Blu-ray ringbuffer, menu frames are now buffered as necessary to ensure stutter-free playback.
      Changed DVD angle handling to be 1-based throughout (as they are on DVDs). This also affects the SWITCHTOANGLE action via the Services API.
      Updated SVN revision of libdvdnav/read reported to match actual revision (code merge done in commit 71869c79be)
      Set palette correctly when DVD menu highlight changes to ensure highlights are the right colour/have the correct transparency.
      Always update the still frame timer whenever the timeout changes (including when it should be disabled) to ensure that it doesn't 'expire' accidentally and cause the next still frame (at whatever point in time that may be) to be skipped.
      kDecodeAudio is now re-enabled if an audio stream becomes available
      Simplify DVD startup to improve playback reliability
      Use the right highlight area in DVD menus when 'wide' is not the first in the list.
      Fix transitions from a DVD still frame into video.  Fixes #11347.
      Fix frontend not connecting to the master backend on startup
      Sync libdvdnav up to R1251.
      Sync libdvdread to R1250:
      Make sure DVD menu highlight isn't hidden immediately due to framerate
      Sync libdvdnav up to R1251.
      Sync libdvdread to R1250:
      DVD PTS discontinuities are now handled by 'flattening' the timecodes of incoming packets. This prevents AVFormatDecoder getting stuck buffering video frames when the timecodes jump backwards.
      VTS title and clean up menu looping detection.
      Update angle information and chapter times that was indirectly
      Added missing initialisation of MHEG member variable that sometimes caused (non-MHEG) video playback to pause at the end.
      Fixed seeking issues on some DVDs where, for example, trying to jump backwards could actually cause playback to jump forwards.
      Filter and sort DVD subtitle tracks so that only the tracks mapped into the current program chain are shown.
      mpeg: Add passing DVD navigation packets (startcode 0x1bf) to caller to allow better playback handling of DVDs.
      Add AV_CODEC_ID_DVD_NAV support to myth's ff_codec_id_string
      Respect the start and end times of menu highlights to avoid showing the menu highlight too soon/for too long.
      Ensure that DVD subpictures that don't explicitly set the 'end' time are still shown. Also, handle 'CHG_COLCON' command by skipping over the data. This should prevent any issues caused by incorrectly interpreting the data as subpicture commands.
      Fix filtering, sorting and selection of DVD audio streams when the mapping in a PGC is not 1:1, which was broken due to different functions/methods providing or requiring a physical stream ID, logical track number or logical index, with little consistency between them, and 'disabled' streams not being filtered out.
      Add DVD context class to encapsulate the state of the DVD VM so that this can be decoupled from the ringbuffer. As the decoder and player lag the ringbuffer by up to a second or more, this will allow them to base their operation on the DVD state at the time any given frame was read and not on the 'current' state, which may well not be the same.
      Added more consistent handling of slide shows (i.e. individual video frames to be shown until the next video frame appears in the stream). This allows correct playback of still frames with or without audio regardless of domain (previously still frames with audio was only handled in a menu), so this change allows audio DVDs to be played.
      Handle seeking within slideshows.
      Implement DVD bookmarks by saving and restoring the full DVD VM's state to make playback from bookmarks more reliable for all DVDs.
      Add '#include's missing from 4f023d7222
      Update schema version in Perl and Python bindings (missing from 4f023d7222)
      Default language for DVD menus, audio and subtitle is now set based on the frontend language setting.
      Fixed cut'n'paste error that overwrote the DVD system parameter registers with the resume registers when restoring the DVD VM state from a bookmark.
      Fixed display of playback position for DVD stills.
      A DVD menu is now defined as any time a NAV packet defines at least one button.  This should allow more flexibility to skip some intros.
      Quieten debug output when a DVD still frame is active
      Apply timestretch setting to DVD stills.
      Clear additional field when resetting DVD VM to ensure playback doesn't abort with "Error reading NAV packet".

Richard Begg (1):
      Workaround QT ISO date parsing issue in mythfilldatabase. Fixes #11538

Richard Hulme (11):
      Fix DVD playback when a still timeout is set.
      Apply additional changes from third patch in ticket #11455 that should have been applied in [e5e9cc8ce].  The first patch was applied by mistake.
      Add additional logic when performing the 'BACK' action on a DVD to avoid getting stuck.
      Fix Coverity 1046900 (Improper use of negative value)
      Fixed Coverity 1046927 (Uninitialized scalar field).
      Fixed Coverity 1046899 (Improper use of negative value)
      Make sure we don't swap one Coverity error (uninitalized pointer) for another (possible null pointer).
      Set m_frameRate when setting the video frame rate to ensure that audio-only recordings (e.g. DVB-S radio) create valid duration maps.
      Allow SetVideoParams to update either the dimensions or the framerate (or both) instead of requiring all parameters to be valid.  This allows (for example) the frame rate to be updated when there is no video
      Make sure any stored packets are flushed when the DVDRingBuffer needs to wait for the player.
      Fixed flickering playback when transistioning from/to a still frame with OpenGL playback.  The underlying issue (paused video not being unpaused) occured with VDPAU playback too but did not seem to cause any visible issues.

Rick Scott (1):
      MythCenter-wide: Fix the channel no. on the Channel Recording Priority window

Rob Smith (2):
      Fix Cannot use a scalar value as an array
      Fix Cannot use a scalar value as an array, take 2

Roger Siddons (1):
      ViewScheduled: Restore the position in the group list after update.

Ronald S. Bultje (2):
      h264: don't clobber mmco opcode tables for non-first slice headers.
      h264: add 3 pixels below for subpixel filter wait position.

Rune Evjen (1):
      Updated Norwegian Bokmal MythFrontend translation

Shinck at web.de (2):
      Don't use the CAM when on an unencrypted channel or when
      Don't use the CAM when on an unencrypted channel or when

Stuart Auchterlonie (14):
      Fix some mythsocket errors on mingw build
      Make comparisons consistent
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'thomas-joiner/bug_10222'
      Fix build after 32b0546e488aa07a87ef3704e93277258ee0fce1
      We really did me iff
      Remove (HD) and [HD] from subtitle and description in Norwegian EIT
      Apply EITfixup NL to Dutch/Belgian DVB-S(2) channels
      Add Australian EIT fixups.
      Make comparisons consistent
      Fix build after 32b0546e488aa07a87ef3704e93277258ee0fce1
      We really did me iff
      Remove (HD) and [HD] from subtitle and description in Norwegian EIT
      Apply EITfixup NL to Dutch/Belgian DVB-S(2) channels
      Add Australian EIT fixups.

Stuart Morgan (208):
      Focus on the search text edit by default in MythMusic's search screen
      Cleanly exit DVD playback when the DVD is ejected
      Don't treat unknown text display modes as audio tracks. Fixes
      Rename getPluginManager in line with coding standards
      Cleanup plugin api, removing unused code
      Move plugin code from libmyth to libmythbase
      Only display plugin menu items if the plugin has successfully loaded
      Have EDIT open the metadata editor in the CD ripping screen
      Add support for recognition and labelling of Audio Description tracks
      Add 'nar' = narrative to ISO 639 table as specified in UK DTV receiver spec
      Add AD labelling hack for UK satellite and Irish Terrestrial TV which ignore the DVB standard
      Be more restrictive in applying the UK/Irish AD hack, the reciever spec is clear that type will always be zero and language NAR for AD tracks. I've not seen any different in the wild.
      Add a toString() function for the AudioTrackType enum
      Move DVD audio track type lookup to AvFormatDecoder::GetAudioTrackType()
      Show user-friendly audio type string in log
      Fix Audio Description and Commentary track filtering when auto-selecting audio track
      Add labelling/filtering of Clean Effect and Hearing Impaired audio tracks
      Merge DBChannel and ChannelInfo classes. Make (dist)clean recommended
      Use ChannelInfo in mythfilldatabase instead of the local ChanInfo class
      Translate mfdb interactive channel prompts
      Drop support for inserting channels parsed from a xawtv config. xawtv has been dead for years.
      Complete the copy constructor for ChannelInfo.
      Store card and group ids as a list in ChannelInfo instead of creating multiple ChannelInfo objects for each chanid/cardid mapping. Saves a little memory and is much tidier.
      Fix silly logic error, doubled due to lazy copy/paste
      Have configure check for QT 4.8 as a minimum
      In mythplugins update configure check to QT 4.8 minimum
      Add null pointer check to fix segfault reported by Paul Harrison.
      Don't strip unnecessary white space from title when creating the title list. Fixes #11200
      Treat POLLHUP as EOF not an error, fixes IVTV (PVR-) recorders failing. Based on patch from ltskinol at gmail.com Fixes #10732
      Fix playback of DVDs which feature an empty audio stream. Discovered
      Attempt to fix H.264 playback following [3488de73]
      Fix a warning about MusicIODevice::open(int) hiding QIODevice::open(OpenMode)
      Silence an incorrect warning from GCC about an uninitialised variable. It does get initialised before use but gcc seems to miss that.
      Silence an unused variable warning in calcTrackLength()
      Bind BACK in the TV Playback context to Esc by default. This should bring behaviour in line with most people's expectations, that exiting DVD playback goes back to the dvd title or chapter menu, not to the main menu. Only affects new installs
      Revert change to mythplayer.cpp accidentally committed in [b3c936e]
      Replace concatenated string so it can be more easily translated.
      Remove some old unused code from smartplaylist.cpp
      Play a hunch that cppcheck just doesn't recognise 'if defined' being the same as 'ifdef'
      Add comments to clarify some ifdefs in cdrip.cpp
      Silence some cppcheck warnings about mis-matched braces when using certain macro combinations
      Fix .empty() being called when .clear() was meant in cddb.cpp. Spotted by cppcheck
      Fix use after free in MediaMonitor::RemoveDevice(), found by cppcheck
      Fix minor memory leak on error in mythsettings.cpp
      Resync libmythbluray to 0.2.3-109-g4ac953b
      Fix potential null pointer derefences in MythUIButtonList
      Remove some dead code from mythfilldatabase
      Factor some DVD specific audio code into AVFormatDecoderDVD
      Ensure all Q_DISABLE_COPY macro usage is a private section
      Disconnect the NetStream::slotRequestStarted() slot before destroying
      Move libmythbluray to externals
      Quiet coverity warning about unused pointer in MythUISpinBox
      Initialise m_fanart pointer in FanartLoader. Coverity 751873
      Remove more dead code in mythfilldatabase/main.cpp. Coverity 751871
      Remove unused member from HTTPLiveStream. Coverity 751872
      Fix memory leak in the lossless mpeg2 transcoder if we fail to decode a frame. Coverity 700681
      Silence unused variable warning from gcc in mpeg2fix.cpp
      Remove dead code in joystick event handling. Coverity 746796
      Fix uninitialised members in MythUIProgressDialog. Coverity 700925
      Fix null pointer check _after_ dereference in SetPreviewGenerator(). Coverity 700692
      Fix a handful of unintialised member warnings in mythrender_vdpau.cpp. Coverity 700932-700933, 700935-700938
      Fix copy/paste error replex/avi.c. Coverity 746774
      Fix copy/paste error in MythUIType::AdjustMinArea(). Coverity 746772
      Fix copy/paste error in MythUIType::SetMinArea(). Coverity 746771
      Compile fix for [f56b496]
      Fix copy/paste error in GetEITPIDChanges(). Coverity 746768
      Use static QString::number(). Coverity 746819
      Use static QString::number(). Coverity 746820
      Check return value from all ioctl use and print a complete error.
      Silence warning about possible null pointer dereference in TVRec::TuningRestartRecorder(). Coverity700407
      Silence warning about possible null pointer dereferences in TVRec::CreateLiveTVRingBuffer() and TVRec::SwitchLiveTVRingBuffer(). Coverity 700405
      Bump the binary version after the ffmpeg resync. A make distclean is STRONGLY recommended
      Add a 'groupname' textarea to the group list in PBB. Allows display of the name as it was before 0.27 with the added benefit of letting the themer decided what the 'all' group gets called.
      Don't call Init() in the ChannelInfo assignment operator. Copy/Paste error.
      Enable 'best match' detection for recording metadata lookups.
      Optimise findBestMatch() so that an exact title match is found we avoid an expensive title comparison search
      Fix some unsafe usage of ConnectToMasterServer(). Fixes #11364
      Add 'ellipse' as a value shape type to the XSD
      Hopefully fix a rare segfault in MythUITextEdit when using mythmusic. I'm guessing but by no means certain that a linked copy of the string was altered in another thread, e.g. the metadata or playlist load thread. QString uses shallow copies and isn't threadsafe. detaching the string may use more memory but that's preferable to crashing.
      Simplify some file list usage using filters new to QT4
      FIx video scanning following [a05b4d48]. Calling QDir::setFilter() with a negative filter overwrites the default positive filters of QDir::Files | QDir::Dirs.
      Generally empty()/isEmpty() is more efficient than using size()
      Few more size() replacements with empty() or isEmpty(). Silences some warnings from cppcheck and other SA tools.
      Fix some more breakage caused by [a05b4d48]. Calling QDir::setFilter() with a negative filter overwrites the default positive filters of QDir::Files | QDir::Dirs.
      FIx video scanning following [a05b4d48]. Calling QDir::setFilter() with a negative filter overwrites the default positive filters of QDir::Files | QDir::Dirs.
      Generally empty()/isEmpty() is more efficient than using size()
      Few more size() replacements with empty() or isEmpty(). Silences some warnings from cppcheck and other SA tools.
      Fix some more breakage caused by [a05b4d48]. Calling QDir::setFilter() with a negative filter overwrites the default positive filters of QDir::Files | QDir::Dirs.
      Fix missing copyrightlogo widget in Terra. No-one noticed mythweather was broken with Terra for over 6 months ...
      Remove a stray comma in music-ui.xml
      Log an error and return if we receive an invalid number of arguments with a DONE_RECORDING event. Ideally what we'd do here is send an event back to the backend reporting an error (truncation, corruption?) and asking the event be re-sent but the framework just isn't there.
      Reorder and rename the choices in the capture card combo box
      Make DVB the first target in the CaptureCardGroup triggered configuration.
      Sort tracks/artist/albums and genres correctly in mythmusic playlist editor
      Cleanup some old/unused code from MythGenericTree and fix sorting.
      Remove XMLTV TimeOffset setting and improve xmltv date parsing
      Remove the 'grouping' behaviour from XMLTV Parser.
      Drop warning about using xmltv version of zap2it (obsolete).
      Remove grabber specific behaviour for tv_grab_jp
      Add an xml parsing test file. Just testing basic datetime handling for now but hopefully it will be expandedto allow testing all xmltv parsing.
      Remove option to disable Media Monitor.
      Allow the use of cutlists with --video and --mpeg2
      Cosmetic fix for 'quick' recording options. Don't display 'this episode' if the programme is a film.
      Change 'ProgramInfo::catType' from a string to an enum
      Fix segfault in mythfrontend following [bff1559]
      Don't show the rating filter for the movie list if there are no ratings in the database.
      Fix some places where we would display '1 of 0' when a list was empty
      Set the 'widescreen' flag on recordings with an average aspect ratio of 16:9 or 2.21
      Update the doxygen config using doxygen -u
      Enable DOT for Doxygen graphs
      Only show visible channels in Channel Recording Priorities. There's no advantage to cluttering the list with channels which won't be used for recording or livetv.
      Use QNetworkInterface::allAddresses() instead of ServerPool. Fixes #11393
      Fix potential memory leak in MetaIOID3::readAlbumArt() on error. Coverity 1023890
      Remove some unused members and initialise others in ScreenWizard. Silences some cppcheck warnings.
      Silence a cppcheck warning about allocating m_gameTree before checking that it was deallocated.
      Silence cppcheck warning about allocating m_browser before checking whether it was already allocated. False positive in that Create() should only be called once per instance of MythFlashPlayer but it doesn't hurt to code defensively against the possibility.
      Remove redundant/unused assignments to chk from AudioInputOSS. Silences several cppcheck warnings
      Initialise MythCoreContextPrivate::pluginmanager to NULL and add guards against leaks if SetPluginManager() is called twice
      Rename pluginmanager to m_pluginmanager per coding standards
      Apply the proper fix for a gcc unused variable warning, the existing fix just triggers another cppcheck warning instead.
      Suppress warning about unused variable in Mythmusic's visualise.cpp
      Coding standards cleanup of lcddevice.cpp/h and use initialisation list for member variables (cppcheck)
      Use initialisation lists for MythEvent constructors. Cppcheck warning.
      Coding standards fixes and initialisation improvements for MythUIGuideGrid. Fixes some cppcheck warnings
      Initialise member variables in ATSCEvent. Strictly speaking this isn't
      Use initialisation list for RawDataList (Nuppeldecoder). Cppcheck performance warning
      Use initialisation list for MythMusic's RipStatus class. Cppcheck performance warning
      Remove redundant initialisation from MythUIGuideGrid, forgot to remove in 5748540
      Use initialisation list for UIGTCon copy constructor
      Ensure testrec is deleted in TV::HandleStateChange() if the recorder proves to be invalid. Should never have happened in practice. Coverity 1023891
      Initialise ret to kCategoryNone in QueryCategoryType. Fixes coverity issue 1023897
      Silence a coverity warning about comparing the address of pointer 'child' when it might be null. None issue, but it does no harm to fix.
      Initialise all members of MythUIFileBrowser which require initialisation. Coverity.
      Initialise members of BrowserApi. Coverity.
      Initialise float m_relativeSize() in the constructor. Value chosen is extremely arbitrary. Coverity.
      Initialise callbacks in MythUIHelperPrivate constructor. It was done anyway a few moments later. Coverity
      Check return value of FindThemeFile() when loading an image.
      It is redundant to call indexIn() after exactMatch() for QRegExp, as exactMatch() will also populate capturedTexts(). Coverity (indirectly)
      Initialise m_pixelAspectRatio in DisplayRes. Coverity.
      Initialise all the pointers in GetNvidiaRates()'s buf[256] to NULL. Coverity 746855
      Revert "Initialise all the pointers in GetNvidiaRates()'s buf[256] to
      Potentially fix segfaults on frontend startup
      Add a constructor to ArbitraryLocatedData to initialise members
      Pull in fix for out-of-bounds array write in xine_demux_sputext.cpp from upstream. Coverity 746831
      Fix fence post error in 516719a
      Fix hang in applications when threadpool thread fails to run.
      Fix GCC C++11 warning about narrowing conversion.
      Fix significant leak of File Transfer sockets/threads
      Fix three dead code warnings in MythNetVision. Coverity 703658,703659,703660
      Fix another two instances of dead code in MythNetVision. Coverity 703656,703657
      Fix null pointer dereference in MythNetVision's NetSearch. Coverity 1026719, 703773
      Fix uninitialised member pointer warning in MNV NetSearch. It was unused so I removed it. Coverity 1026733
      Fix uninitialised member pointer in MNV NetTree. Coverity 1026734
      Fix null pointer dereference in MNV NetTree. Coverity 1026722
      Silence coverity warning about possible null pointer dereference (false positive). Coverity 746813
      Fix memory leak in MNV NetTree. Coverity 1026723
      Fix GCC warning about initialisation order in MythBrowser
      Update unzip.c/h in MythGame to version 1.01h from 2010, replacing version 0.15 beta from 1998
      Add a README to mythgame's new external directory
      Initialise some member variables in MythGallery. Coverity 1026728, 1026729
      Fix missing breaks in switch. Coverity 700445-700447
      Fix copy/paste error in FilterManager. Coverity 746767
      Fix enum values being mixed up in TVBrowseHelper. Coverity 700462
      Stop passing around ChannelChangeDirection enum values as ints which defeats the point of using enums in the first place.
      In MHOctetString always allocate strLen+1 for null termination.
      Fix mythgame build after [cf5b1e87]
      Fix potential null pointer derefence. Coverity 700394
      Change a dynamic cast for a static one. 'channel' can only be a DVBChannel object at this point so it's not necessary to do a dynamic cast. Coverity 700395
      Fix another memory leak in MNV NetTree. Same as the last one just in a different place. Coverity 1026723
      MythSocket: Fix coverity 746866. Uninitialized pointer field.
      MythMiscUtil: Fix coverity 746744. Unchecked return value from library.
      Fix Coverity 700818. Uninitialized pointer field. Non-static class members are not initialized in this constructor.
      Fix coverity 1026714. Modulo by zero. In fact an operator precedence error, fixed by applying brackets in the correct place.
      Fix Coverity 700330. Logically dead code. It's redundant to delete a pointer if we've already determined it's null.
      AudioOutputOSS: Fix Coverity 700224, 700225. Unchecked return value (of ioctl)
      AudioOutputOSS: Fix Coverity 700224. Unchecked return value (of fnctl)
      AudioOutputBase: Fix Coverity 746803. Division by zero
      AudioOutputBase: Fix Coverity 746810. Dereference after null check. False positive, and flagged as such with Coverity, but applying a 'fix' anyway to keep other SA tools quiet.
      AudioInputOSS: Fix Coverity 700242, 700243. Unchecked return value (of ioctl)
      Fix compilation after [3b29507]. Lazy cut/paste got the better of me.
      Fix formatting of warnings.
      AudioOutputBase: Fix Coverity 700348. Division by zero
      AudioOutputDigitalEncoder: Fix Coverity 700793. Uninitialized scalar field.
      AudioOutputDigitalEncoder: Fix Coverity 746804. Division by zero
      Fix Coverity 700684. Dereference before null check. Remove the null check, it's entirely redundant to check that a pointer is not null before calling delete on it.
      MythPlayer: Fix Coverity 1025909. Dereference before null check
      Remove a duplicate SendMythSystemPlayEvent("PLAY_STARTED") and ensure we only send PLAY_STOPPED if we sent [PLAY/LIVETV]_STARTED. This means that neither STARTED or STOPPED are sent if playback fails. Indirectly fixes coverity 746793
      Fix Cppcheck issue. QPoint is default initialised to 0,0 so it's not necessary to do it explicitly.
      Fix Coverity 700396. Unchecked dynamic cast. Swap for a static_cast since it would appear that we are certain about the type.
      DVBChannel: Fix Coverity 700907. Uninitialized integer fields.
      MHEngine: Fix Coverity 700723. Replace a static cast with a dynamic cast since we can't be sure that ParseProgram() will return an MHApplication pointer instead of an MHScene.
      Move libmythsamplerate to external/libsamplerate.
      Don't install libmythdvdnav and libmythbluray libs. They are statically linked so don't need to be installed.
      VideoVisualGoom: Fix GCC warning about implicit conversion from int to uint.
      AVFormatDecoderDVD: Fix coverity 700543. Check that the stream id is >= 0 before implicitly casting it to uint.
      DVBCam: Fix coverity 700258. Unchecked return value of ioctl. If the ioctl fails then numslots is going to be populated with a random value, as the caps struct will be uninitialised.
      Add errorno to the error message added in [a1955f6]
      NuppelVideoRecorder: Fix coverity 1025902. Unchecked return value of ioctls. Several ioctls were unchecked, relating to enquing buffers, starting and stopping capture from hardware.
      MHText: Fix coverity 746766. Copy-paste error. This does indeed look like a copy/paste error, the value of 24 is what linespace is initialised to so I'm assuming that's what we want to fall back to.
      DVDRingBuffer: Fix coverity 751766. Check the return value of dvdnav_get_audio_logical_stream(), it can return -1 in the event of an error but we weren't handling this correctly.
      Include the bad modeline in the invalid modeline warnings.
      Revert 3e30a16 which broke stereo upmixing of mono audio and apply a better fix.
      If we didn't actually handle LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN in  MythScreenType::keyPressEvent() then return false.
      Fix whitespace error in EITFixUp::FixNL()
      libmythlivemedia has been removed so delete references to it from the doxygen cover page.
      Bump MYTH_BINARY_VERSION to prevent segfaults etc in plugins.
      Fix two new cppcheck warnings about values supplied to usleep being too large.
      Setting VERSION to v0.27-alpha

Thomas Joiner (2):
      fix issue #10222: mythcommflag segfaulting
      fix issue #10222: mythcommflag segfaulting

Tom Hayward (1):
      Honor series name override in series searches (-M) in ttvdb.py

Tonny Petersen (2):
      Added Eit Fix for Danish Cable TV (YouSee)
      Added Eit Fix for Danish Cable TV (YouSee)

Walter Cheuk (1):
      Updated Chinese / Hong Kong MythFrontend and MythArchive translation

Wayne McDougall (1):
      Remove references to --hogcpu from mythcommflag readme.

Xi Wang (3):
      rtpenc: fix overflow checking in avc_mp4_find_startcode()
      rtmp: fix multiple broken overflow checks
      rtmp: fix buffer overflows in ff_amf_tag_contents()

Yeechang Lee (1):
      Allow the Disk I/O Storage Group scheduler to fallback to free space

Yianni Vidalis (2):
      Update the Greek translation of mythfrontend.
      Updated Greek MythFrontend and MythMusic translation

djace (1):
      Add overview to Collection

root (2):
      Add votes and rating to Image class
      Do not sort collection members because release_date is not always filled.

tycholursen (1):
      New Netherlands locale file

wagnerrp (2):
      Merge pull request #22 from realgsong/master
      Merge pull request #27 from djace/master



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