[mythtv] ATSC scan, default channel number

John P Poet jppoet at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 20:56:43 UTC 2021

Hi Klaas,

I am setting up a new development machine to do some work. In the process I
noticed that when scanning ATSC channels, no default channel number is
given and the user must manually choose one for every single channel. This
is when the user chooses to manually pick which channels get inserted into
the DB.

For example, the message I am getting is:

> You chose to manually insert channel 7_1 (KOAT-DT). Please enter a unique
> channel channel number. Default value is

If I just click on OK, it just redraws the same dialog box. Instead I have
to select Edit and type in 7_1. I could have sworn this was more automatic
the last time I did this. Any chance you can have it pick a good default?

Thank you,

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