[mythtv] Seeking EIT test cases

David Hampton mythtv at love2code.net
Mon Jul 27 19:39:35 UTC 2020

Hi all,

In preparation for Qt6 support, all of the EIT fixups need to be
rewritten from the older QRegExp pattern matching class to the newer
QRegularExpression pattern matching class. While I think the
translation of the patterns themselves should be fairly simple (i.e.
ensuring that wildcard matches are non-greedy, etc), the code
performing the matching all needs to be rewritten for the different way
that QRegularExpression matching is performed. I'd like to build up a
set of test cases to make sure that I don't break anything during this

There are specific fixup functions in MythTV for the following (based
on function names and comments):

    Africa DVB-S MultiChoice 
    Australia DVB-S
    Australia DVB-T (Nine Network)
    Australia DVB-T (Seven Network)
    Australia DVB-T (common to most)
    Australia DVB-T (generic freeview)
    Canadian BellExpressVu
    Denmark DVB-C YouSee
    Finland DVB-T 
    Germany ATV/ATV2 
    Germany DVB-C Kabel Deutschland and Premiere
    Germany Disney Channel
    Germany PRO7/Sat1
    Germany RTL Group
    Germany Unity Media
    Greek Categories
    Greek EIT (misc fixes for "(HD)", etc.)
    Greek Subtitles
    Netherlands DVB-C
    Norway DVB-S 
    Norway DVB-T NRK
    Sweden ComHem DVB-C

The existing EIT test functions mostly cover the UK specific fixups.
There are also a handful of tests for Germany PRO7/Sat1, Germany
Premiere, Germany Unity Media, Germany Disney, and Germany ATV.

I can generate sample tests based on the existing patterns, but I'd
prefer to have real data. If anyone can provide me with real EIT data
samples for those countries/services and what you believe that MythTV
is parsing (or should parse), I can add those samples to the automated
tests and validate that the current code does actually parse properly.
This will also validate the converted patterns once the code is
switched over to QRegularExpressions.

I would appreciate responses in the next couple of weeks, even though
Qt6 isn't scheduled for release until the fall and the next major
release of MythTV is early 2022. I would like to get this buttoned up
and move on to the next Qt6 blocker.

Please feel free to respond to the list, or send to me directly. 



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