[mythtv] The usage of the 'recordedfile' table?

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 13:28:54 UTC 2020

On 7/23/20 6:37 AM, Roland Ernst wrote:
> Facts:
> The 'recordedfile' table stores details about the
> containerformat and the used codecs of a recording,
> as well as the file properties of that recording.
> The 'recordedfile' table gets updated during in
> progress-recording or after a recording is finished.
> Mythtranscode updates the content of a recordedfile as well.
> The entry of the 'recordedfile' is deleted on deletion of the recording.
> Upnp reads codec and other data from the 'recordedfile' table.
> Parts of the content of the 'recordedfile' is available
> in the 'recordedmarkup' table as well:
> Aspect, dimensions, duration, average frames speed of a recording.
> The program "mythcommflag --rebuild" updates the markup table entries
> listed above, but does not update the 'recordedfile' table entry.
> In contrast, the frontend displays details about a recording which
> are taken from the entry of the 'recordedprogram' table:
> See file mythtv\programs\mythfrontend\progdetails.cpp
> For example, the icons for the videodimensions (HD, 1080, 720)
> are derived from the 'recordedprogram' entry,
> i.e.: from the 'videoprop' and 'audioprop' values.
> Please consider the following use case:
> An existing recording is transcoded in place by a user job,
> which changed the filename, codecs, duration, dimensions
> etc. of that recording.
> The user job has to take care that the 'recordedfile' table
> and the 'recordedmarkup' table are updated accordingly.
> Now my questions:
> By what means do you update the 'recordedfile' table?
> I know of the Python Bindings (v31+) or running an SQL command
> directly, but are there other means to achieve this, like the
> ServicesAPI or "mythutil" ?
> In case of transcoding to a suitable video container format,
> like matroska or mp4, do I need to preserve the entries in the
> 'recordedmarkup' table at all?
> Can I simply clear the recorded-seek and -markup table entries
> for that recording in that case?
> Roland
Hi Roland

I have been transcoding with handbrake for a long time. I use a script 
which updates recorded and recordedfile. I also run "mythutil 
--clearseektable" because seektables do not work with mkv files and 
confuse the playback. The script is here 
. This works fine but is not the best solution since I have to change it 
from time to time when there are schema changes.

Regarding the recordedfile table, I don't know how necessary it is or 
how accurate it is.

I should really have used an api or mythutil for all the updates and not 
have accessed the database directly. But this was done long ago.


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