[mythtv] Windowing/appearance settings

Mark Kendall mark.kendall at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 11:00:45 UTC 2019

A couple of questions on edge cases when using the "Use GUI size for
tv playback" setting in the Appearance settings.

 - Display resolution switching

If users having enabled display resolution switching (not just rate)
and they have checked "Use GUI size for tv" - should we still be using
the GUI size for playback?

So for example, I have my UI set to 1920x1080 but want video to
display at 720x576 for that standard def material. It makes no sense
to use 1920x1080 for playback - and in the render branch at least, it
produces odd results. Admittedly this is probably an unlikely

 - Interaction with "Use window border" setting

If running in a window with border/decorations etc and "Use GUI size
for tv playback" is not set - should we switch to full
screen/borderless playback?

The code will currently expand the screen to "full size" * but still
have a border/menu bar etc. So would it make more sense to fully
expand the window (i.e. remove the border)? It seems a more sensible

* There are long standing quirks with linux and window managers which
mean if we are using a window border and fullscreen (or thereabouts)
then the UI is created slightly too big for the screen as the
decorations are added at some point after window creation i.e. the
window is created at a size that fills the desktop but at some point
later, a title bar etc is added which pushes the bottom of our window
off screen. We could check for the movement - but we would have to
recreate the UI. The issue is well highlighted in the Qt documentation

Thoughts welcome!

p.s Is there a real need for the 'Use window border' setting? I don't
imagine many people use it - the only benefit it appears to add is
that if running in a window on a desktop then the window can be
p.p.s Presumably some of these appearance settings should be hidden for android?

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